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Must See Attractions in Zurich, Switzerland

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In how many movies or shows have you seen this beautiful town of Switzerland? For me, I don’t even remember the number. Well, I introduce to you the most beloved tourist destination in Switzerland, that is, Zurich. For people who want to spend some most enjoyable time during their hard-earned holidays, Zurich promises to be among the best ones in Europe, which never fails to satisfy its visitors. The today’s bustling city full of life was once a monopoly area of religious faithfulness and an upholder of global finance. Continue reading “Must See Attractions in Zurich, Switzerland” »

Koh Rong

An Unexpected Trip to Koh Rong

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Serendipity means something good that happens by mistake. This could definitely describe my adventure to Koh Rong, a gorgeous island located about 25km off the coast of Cambodia. Due to a mix up with flights, I found myself with a few extra days to spend after visiting Sihanoukville. Tired of “Snooky’s” party atmosphere, I decided to grab a boat to Kong Rong instead. Continue reading “An Unexpected Trip to Koh Rong” »

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Intense Diving in exotic Oman

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Dive, dive, dive! Is what you might hear from your diving instructor, just and you throw down a nervous  diving instruction booklet or a manual just as you know you are going to plunge into the blue clear waters here in the sultanate of Oman. In fact, some people have even said that diving here would even change your life.  There is a three day open water diving course called PADI. You might have to get used to fiddling with the air regulators and the importance of the control that you may need to maintain the airways.  You might even have to deal with a few complex formulae to calculate your dive dept and duration, including blood nitrogen and surface intervals.Check this adventure Oman tour here to find out more about adventures in this amazing place. Continue reading “Intense Diving in exotic Oman” »


How to Travel to Japan on a Budget

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A vacation to Japan can be expensive, but it can also be done on a budget. Here are a few ideas to help anyone save and travel to Japan on a budget for a once in a lifetime trip to this unique country. Tokyo is considered to be the most expensive city in the world, so it’s going to take a lot of planning to budget travel in the area. You will need to be prepared to cut corners.Consider a tour for a budget. Many people think that tours will end up costing them more but if you shop in specialized agencies you can find friendly budget tours. Just like ski tour agencies can offer wonderful deals for the best ski resorts in Japan. These will end up giving you better room rates, much better food, and no worry about transportation or entrance fees into attractions. Continue reading “How to Travel to Japan on a Budget” »

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Sandals Grande Antigua

Caribbean All Inclusive Resort is the way to go

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Sаndаlѕ Antigua
Sаndаls Antiguа іs hоwеvеr anоthеr notablе Sandаls Cаrіbbеan all іncluѕіvе vаcatіon rеsоrt nеstlеd on thе brеаthtaking Dісkеnsоn Bаy. Thіѕ Sandаls Carіbbеan all іnсluѕive vacаtіоn rеѕоrt рrimarilу offеrѕ thе сhаrm оf а quаіnt Carіbbean vіllаgе tоgether with thе beѕt luxurieѕ оf thе planet саtеgоrу all іncluѕіve, making it dеsеrve thе title “Wоrld’s Lеading Honеymооn Reѕоrt”. Continue reading “Caribbean All Inclusive Resort is the way to go” »