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5 places to eat during your tempting Tallinn Tours

My two favorite things in the whole world are travelling and eating. Well, napping too, but this is not about that! One of the things I love the most about travelling is getting to try different, exciting foods! I recently came back from Tallinn let me tell you this – the food culture in this fascinating city is just marvelous! Tours in Tallinn are already great as they are, but the incredible gastronomy in the city just makes exploring it that much better! So if you are tempted to try some quality cuisine in Tallinn, here are the five best places to eat during your tour in Tallinn, provided by yours truly – Baltic Tours.

Old town on Tallinn, Estonia
Old town on Tallinn, Estonia


This restaurant with an odd name has become one of the most popular spots in Tallinn – both for locals and for tourists. The food here is delicious; service is brilliant, and when you’re there, you get this homely feeling that makes you want to come back for more. The restaurant is famous for its freshly baked bread – make sure to try it, it really is a tiny piece of heaven!

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Summer days in Tallinn are best spent on the terrace of Rataskaevu16 – there is no denying that! Just make sure to make a reservation, as this restaurant is booming with popularity – it might be hard to get a table.

Must Puudel

Must Puudel is a very trendy, very “Seattle” and very hip. This cozy café offers an amazing menu that contains everything that’s best in Estonia. What is more the a la carte menu offers a great range of vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free meals, as well as a children’s menu. Every day different daily offers will warm your heart right up! Must Puudel shows you how cozy a café can be and what alcohol-free, organic and natural time is really like – nothing beats a good meal and music from a vinyl record.

Taken from an Instagram profile @kohvikmustpuudel

Trattoria La Bottega

Best Italian food in town – that’s just a fact! This classy, yet cozy and homely restaurant is managed by a Sicilian chef and offers an excellent menu full of Italian deliciousness. With the help of a brilliant menu and fantastic atmosphere, this restaurant managed to bring a real piece of Italy to the centre of Tallinn. Seafood, wine and good laughs – can it get any better?

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Very Nordic, very progressive yet old school and very delicious – that’s how I could describe this incredible restaurant. Located in a very unusual location, this restaurant has a name of several meanings and will make sure you get the best local foods. Fabulous menu, fantastic staff and unforgettable atmosphere.

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Restaurant Tchaikovsky

This restaurant serves unique meals that belong to the very odd combination of Russian and French cuisine. The recipes are everything but ordinary – it’s an absolute must try. Live music, ballets, operettas and oh-so-amazing food – you have to experience it to believe it.

Named after a famous Russian artist, this restaurant proceeds every expectation.

Photo credit – Restaurant Tchaikovsky


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