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Alcatraz San Francisco

Alcatraz San Francisco and history blend with each other perfectly. Alcatraz San Francisco once housed the most notorious criminals of America. The federal penitentiary operated at Alcatraz San Francisco from 1934 to 1963. It brought along with it a dark mystique. The island earned tremendous notoriety because of the famous inmates such as Al ‘Scarface’ Capone and ‘Birdman’ Robert Stroud. Alcatraz, San Francisco is renowned the world over for its revolutionary prison.

Most individuals, though, are blatantly unaware of the historical facts. Alcatraz presently houses wonderful species of flowers and animals. The place is also rich for marine wildlife. Thousands of species of sea birds flock to Alcatraz. There are many building that are reminiscent of the Civil War days. This gives a glimpse into the 19th century. At this time the island was a harbor defense fort as well as a military prison. In the year 1969, the American Indian Occupation began after closing the prison. This was a major milestone in the rights’ movement of American Indians.

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Once in Alcatraz soak in the beauty, history, and infamy of the place. The beautiful sights will leave you spellbound.

Brief Overview

The island of Alcatraz offers a close view of the lighthouse of ancient times. The fort located along the West Coast, too, offers spectacular views. The island is famous for its federal penitentiary. The Indians occupied the island for 18 months. Besides its rich history, the island has a wonderful natural side, including gardens, pools, bird colonies, and bay views.

Museum Collections

This is an online exhibit featuring splendid collections from the island. Some of the exhibits were created by inmates. The museum is home to historic photographs and documents. Artwork by inmates is a major attraction. Alcatraz served as a federal penitentiary from 1934 to 1963. The museum is home to correctional materials used by the prison officers. It also houses materials belonging to the military prison period, which lasted from 1859 to 1934.

The Occupation of Alcatraz by American Indians

Indians of All Tribes began their occupation of Alcatraz Island nearly forty years ago on November 20, 1969. This was an important historical event.

Alcatraz Historic Gardens

In the year 2003, the Garden Conservancy in Alcatraz and the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy entered into a formal partnership with the National Park Service for the maintenance of important gardens. Through this project, the gardens are preserved, rebuilt, and maintained.

The island was originally known as ‘Alcatraces’. The name was derived from the species of brown pelicans that were seen during the era of Spanish explorers. The famous species of the island include Brandt’s Cormorant and Western Gull.