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Beat the African Drum in Mauritius

It’s fiesta time once more. Head towards Africa and feel the pleasure in this continent. Reach Mauritius the land of beautiful scenery and an island of wonder. The very name Mauritius brings a lot of extravagant greenery in your mind. There are the lovely sandy lands, beautiful beaches, the sea with its unique cobalt blue color and sun bathing and sun coloring. With a culture loaded with diverse forms Mauritius is a place to visit not just once in life.

In the islands of Mascarene, Mauritius is the most popular and the crowds here though great , yet you would surely be smart enough to find a small area for yourself and enjoy the tranquility. The hustle and bustle in the city and the markets here never cease to attract tourists. The beaches in Mauritius are the main reasons that people come here for pleasure, honeymoons, travel and rejuvenation. The cuisine here is incomparable and the tourist coming here would go back with a lot of tales to tell friends about the taste buds that got kindled here in Mauritius.


Transport in Mauritius is easy with taxis but you should know to negotiate. A taxi could be hired for a full day tour but just remember to bargain. There are share taxis which accommodate two different types of tourists. Buses and trams will be useful for those on a budget tour. Ensure you don’t travel heavy when you travel by bus or tram.

The main spots to see in Mauritius are many. The Rochester Falls is a beautiful spot with the water rushing over the rocks of lava. This natural waterfall is a perfect treat for the tourists’ eye and gives him the time of his life.

Then you have the Gris Gris which gives you a view that you would cherish as the best in your travel kitty. The view from here is phenomenal and the sight of the waves lashing against the rocks can be best captured as one of the best moments in Mauritius.

Then you have the Grand Bassin or the Ganga TAlao which is a favored picnic spot and is actually the residue of a volcano of the past.

At the Ile Aux Cerfs you can see the small island which is so beautifully a part of the continent on the eastern coastal strip of Mauritius.

La Vallee de Ferney is another protected area and has the best greenery with its trees and ferns. Snails, lbats and lizards are found here and the feeling is electric.


There is an aquarium in Mauritius which takes you to a land of marine fantasy.

Then you can go and see the Chamarel Falls .This waterfall has the unique feature of having earth that is colored . This earth is called the earth of Chamarel.

There is a museum for sugar and the manufacture of sugar is seen in this L’Aventure du Sucre.

With the kind of scenic splendor that Mauritius has, it is no wonder that everyone heads for this pristine locale. Go visit this paradise.