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Table Mountain

This flat topped mountain in Cape Town stretches over the whole of Cape Town and can be seen from the sailing ships that anchors here. Table Mountain is more than a natural wonder . It is the

What Are Africa’s Best Beach Resorts?

It’s hard to find better sun than you can find in Africa. That’s why it’s not surprising that some of the best resorts around can be found in Africa. But the beauty of Africa isn’t just locked

Hermanus Bay

The Bay of Hermanus is situated on the southern shoreline of the Federal Republic of South Africa. Despite the fact that the area is a small one, people from far and near have not ceased in continuing

Cape Town TOP tourist attractions

Boulders Beach, Kalk Bay and Muizenberg Boulders Beach has achieved international fame for its colony of African Penguins. No visit can be complete without going to this beach. Whole day can be spent here with these beautiful

The Best of Johannesburg

Once a city of gold seekers, Johannesburg is now a city of trees with over 10 million of them inside its parameters. It is thus one of the greenest urban spaces in the world, but don’t let

Table Mountain National Park

Table Mountain forms part of The Table Mountain National Park (TMNP). The park, which is in fact three separate areas, stretches from Signal Hill in the north to Cape Point in the south.

Beat the African Drum in Mauritius

It’s fiesta time once more. Head towards Africa and feel the pleasure in this continent. Reach Mauritius the land of beautiful scenery and an island of wonder. The very name Mauritius brings a lot of extravagant greenery

The Land of Mixed Cultures – Tunisia

Traveling is often triggered by passion or just through instincts where the latter has more chances of gifting you something unexpected and more than you bargained for. Traveling first of all is pleasing to the mind, but

Kasubi Tombs: The live burial zone

Still active despite being first established in the 13th century AD, the area of Kasubi Tombs is the sacred place of rites as well as rituals for the Ganda culture that is being practiced by the royal

Sabratha: Treasure of the Tripolitana in Libya

Nestled in the modern Libya’s Az Zawiyah province, Sabratha is the ancient land that today boasts a myriad of ruins of an old civilization that used to thrive here around 500 BC. This UNESCO World Heritage Site