Planning a Surfing Vacation in Australia

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Are you really looking for a surfing vacation in Australia? Here are some effortless tips on successfully planning a surfing vacation in Australia, which also tell you about the great destinations along with their comparison.

Above all, first you need to determine as to what type of a surfer you are. Are you a beginner, intermediate, or an expert? Further, what is the level of your surfing speed – fast or slow? Australia caters to all kinds of surfers. So, take the maximum benefit out of your money and planning by first knowing your skill in this area so that you chose the right surfing destination. Continue reading “Planning a Surfing Vacation in Australia” »

Brisbane City

Brisbane attractions

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Welcome to the Australia’s third largest town featuring the South-East Queensland’s subtropical wonders! If you land here, remember you are in the capital of this state where confidence as well as positive vibes will feel your vacation with matchless experience. If you are planning for a trip here, be ready for dual benefits of the Brisbane attractions: first, they offer varied experiences and second; they can be easily accessed on foot or bicycle. Yes, getting around this city is so easy that with your own foot, you can discover the major areas here for which this city is known as the ‘Pedestrian City’. Cycling is done only with a helmet and is a good option for hilly regions, steep slopes, as well as winding roads and that rentals are available in the Brisbane City Botanic Gardens. Continue reading “Brisbane attractions” »


Hobart, Tasmania – Sights

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Hobart is the capital of the island state of Tasmania. The city is populated by about forty seven thousand inhabitants. It is located at the shore at the origin of the River Derwent, which is located beneath the towering Mount Wellington slopes. The setting is simply perfect and it is simply no surprise that the city is described as among the most beautiful in entire Australia. There are a huge number of attractions in Hobart. Hobart was the second city settlement in Australia, and was established in 1806. The city is a port and is known for having a flavor of seamanship. The harbor is Hobart’s life blood. Continue reading “Hobart, Tasmania – Sights” »

melbourne harbor

Melbourne attractions in city center

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Welcome to the second largest city of the country of kangaroos! Stretching at the start of the Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne is the cultural capital featuring many suburbs, but not all are interesting from the traveling point of view. Among the main categories of Melbourne attractions, there exist Victorian-era structures, theatres, museums, parks, gardens, galleries, and shops. While in the city, most of the tourists like to visit the city centre featuring eclectic mix of the ancient as well as the modern. Continue reading “Melbourne attractions in city center” »


Canberra attractions

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Nestled in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Canberra is a planned as well as bush capital that boasts national monuments, galleries, museums, big man-made lakes, gardens, parks, excellent cycling tracks, natural reserves, and bushwalking. So, you can imagine the variety of Canberra attractions that can hold you here up to weeks. However, beware of the hot days here as they are very roasting from November to March as well as of the cold days from June to August. So, do keep a watch on the weather while planning for a visit to Canberra. Continue reading “Canberra attractions” »

Darwin attractions

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The capital of the Australian Northern Territory is completely soaked in the fusion of the Asian as well as national vibes. This is the city of various ethnic groups, but still features a relaxed living. For the tourists, there is much to do and see. Like the ethnicity, the Darwin attractions also seem to be also varied, which includes historical sites, parks, natural creations, beaches, harbors, museums, and adventures. Continue reading “Darwin attractions” »