Sozopol beach
Old town on Tallinn, Estonia

5 places to eat during your tempting Tallinn Tours

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My two favorite things in the whole world are travelling and eating. Well, napping too, but this is not about that! One of the things I love the most about travelling is getting to try different, exciting foods! I recently came back from Tallinn let me tell you this – the food culture in this fascinating city is just marvelous! Continue reading “5 places to eat during your tempting Tallinn Tours” »

Travel Tips to Greece – The Land Of Olympiads

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Greece is very famous for its mountainous regions. This mythical land is filled with natural beauty and there are too many numbers of island regions around the country. There are lots of beach resorts that will help you to have the best of timings. Greece remains to be the top tourist destination for most of the Europeans. Greece remains as the top 15th favorite tourist destination among all the world tourist spots. So, do you need any more reasons to visit this God’s own country? Well, a trip to Greece will leave you with lots of money remaining in your valet and in fact you can visit more places and enjoy in a better way for the money that you have. It is cheaper to travel to Greece than visiting many other European destinations. Continue reading “Travel Tips to Greece – The Land Of Olympiads” »

Explore and Unravel: Ardrossan

Explore and Unravel: Ardrossan

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Ardrossan is one of the towns in Ayrshire, Scotland.


These are the most recommended places to see when in Ardrossan.

  • The Wind turbines located near the hillside of the town of Juxtaposed.
  • The South beach which is most popular for day trippers from Glasgow. It is located close to the amenities and pubs as well. This place is packed with people during good days.
  • Barony St. John and Peter’s Church which are good for tourists who loves old and architecturally designed structures or buildings. This can likewise be found in South Beach.
  • The Ardrossan castle which was detroyed by William Wallace and his men. Such castle remained as a landmark until Olivier Cromwell occupied it. Dismantled it and sent its stones and used it to construct a  castle in Ayr.
  • North Beach which is a wonderful place to hang around with and watch the setting of the sun every afternoon.


Continue reading “Explore and Unravel: Ardrossan” »

Madrid Cibeles Fountain and townhall

Attractions in Madrid Spain

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Spain is where you find both modern and medieval gems. Full of historical assets, natural wonders, varied landscapes, and modern living, Spain has always been the favorite of the tourists. Among all, the capital city of Madrid is a great holiday destination. Attractions in Madrid Spain are for all ages and that they range from historical to cultural and to natural ones. So, let’s take a tour of some of the best attractions in Madrid Spain. Continue reading “Attractions in Madrid Spain” »

Berlin, Brandenburger Gate

Tourist Attractions in Berlin

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Berlin is where you can find the typical German tourist attractions. What deserves to be a significant art of your visit is sightseeing. To explore most of the tourist attractions in Berlin, just opting for a bus tour with a guide is really an ideal way to know the most about Berlin. This was what I felt during my first visit to this great German capital. I would recommend taking the ‘Berlin Welcome Card’ that provides very big discounts of 50% on museum and sight admissions along with free inner-city trains and buses. Get this saving card from the tourist offices, ticket offices, and a few hotels. Here are those tourist attractions in Berlin, which I visited. Continue reading “Tourist Attractions in Berlin” »

Buckingham Palace, London

London Tourist Attractions

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This city is simply a dreamland for any tourist in the world. I don’t think that there would be anyone who is not willing to take a tour of this great British city. One can find all types of attractions and so people of all ages can find something to keep them engaging. Now, without taking much of your time, let me just share with you the London tourist attractions that I visited on my first trip. Continue reading “London Tourist Attractions” »