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Protaras, Cyprus

Visiting Protaras, Cyprus

Looking for a quiet family vacation in Cyprus, away from the crowds but still with all the amenities that you need? Look no further than Protaras.

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Visiting San Marino: Europe’s Oldest Republic

Visitors to San Marino can enjoy a mediaeval hilltown with ancient fortresses, stunning views and a number of curiosities! San Marino, an independent city-state wholly within the confines of northern Italy, claims to be the oldest republic in the world. Although it covers an area of only 61 sq km San Marino has its own…

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Gibraltar Rock

Gibraltar Seen Through its Animals, Birds, Gardens and Sea Life

Gibraltar is full of fine tourist attractions but many come to enjoy its plants, wildlife, migratory birds and wonderful creatures in the surrounding seas The flora and fauna of Gibraltar and its coast attract many visitors who come to see the dolphins, whales, apes and migratory birds. The beautiful established gardens and nature reserve are…

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Certosa di Pavia

Certosa di Pavia: Historic Carthusian Monastery near Milan, Italy

Pavia’s Carthusian monastery, an outstanding example of Gothic and Renaissance architecture, is still home to an order of Cistercian monks. The Certosa di Pavia is situated a few kilometres north of the mediaeval university town of Pavia

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Rome, Vatican city

Rome, A City With Something For Everyone

There’s plenty to see in Rome, one of the most interesting cities in the world. Like Paris, Rome can be a very romantic city. There are thousands of bars and restaurants that make it a very pleasant place to just sit and watch people, relax and ponder. Discovering somewhere near one of the following may…

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National Gallery in London

Walking Tour of London: Around Trafalgar Square

See London’s famous landmarks with this tour of Trafalgar Square, taking in the art galleries, Nelson’s column and some unusual and interesting sights. London’s famous square was named after Admiral Lord Nelson’s illustrious victory over Napoleon’s fleet at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. It has acted as the city’s magnet for visitors and, until…

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Luxury All Inclusive Holidays in the British Countryside

Brits love to travel abroad for holidays, but there is now a growing demand for upscale tourism within the British Isles. There has always been a steady flow of visitors from abroad who wish to experience British culture. For many this means city breaks to see the sights in London and this is often combined…

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Knossos Crete

Five top activities to do on the Greek Islands

Visiting the Greek Islands is an experience that lasts a lifetime. It makes sense to include the very best attractions and activities for yourself and your family. Your travel agent can help you plan your trip and include specific islands/beaches/attractions, or you can plan your own agenda. Five places you must include for yourself and…

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Retezat National Park

Retezat National Park

Romania has always been a favorite destination for the bold and the adventurous types. You have often weaved stories about its dark forests and age old castles. Some also relish the Dracula myth of Transylvania. Its age old heritage with castles from the past or some forgotten church gives tourists something to bring home to….

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Houses of Parliament at the River Thames in London

London’s Architectural Wonders

No city is as freely endowed with marvels of architecture at every corner as London. The city is known for being a center for arts and history. The numerous buildings and historical structures in the city stand in picture book testimony to the historical significance as well as the culture of the region.

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Dublin, Custom House

Visit the historic capital city of Ireland – Dublin

The historic capital city of Ireland – Dublin offers various interesting things to see and do. It is a cultural epicenter and a perfect family destination. A tour of this lovely city will provide you some glimpse of the Irish culture. Right from applauded artists and authors, to monumental museums, brewing loveliness and to sporting…

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Liverpool attractions

Popular for sports and music, England’s Liverpool in the Merseyside city is a town of cultural heritage due to which it recently became the European Capital of Culture (2008). Some more honors of this city include – the home of the largest national museum out of London, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, oldest Chinatown, and famous…

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Florence, Fountain of Neptune

Florence Italy attractions

Welcome to the birthplace of Italian Renaissance! This is none other than the capital of Tuscany in Italy, Florence that is the artistic, architectural, and historical treasure of the country. For the historians, renaissance lovers, and general fans of history, a visit to this city is a mandate option at least for once in a…

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Dublin Castle

Ireland – Nice Place to Travel Alone

Do you like the idea of traveling alone? While many say yes, there’re exceptions as some like to travel with friends or families. If you’re traveling alone, it has its own benefits or perhaps a bit more than with a partner or a friend. The biggest advantage of traveling alone is the amount of freedom…

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