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South America

Ollantaytambo: Incan gem in the Sacred Valley

Also known as the Urubamba valley, the Sacred Valley is the home of the final Incan resort called Ollantaytambo – a best preserved site of excellent Incan architecture. Currently settled close to the modern Peruvian city of the same name, this archeological site is regarded as one of the most significant sites and is also…

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Easter Island heads: The most mysterious

Known as Rapa Nui in Polynesian dialect and Isla de Pascua, the Easter Island in the South Pacific at 2200 miles from Chile is the home to some of the most unusually giant statues called Moai. These unique monumental statues are found to be devoted by the locals who are traditionally called as the Rapanui…

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Andean Landscape in Argentina

Amazing Attractions in Argentina

Argentina is one of the largest countries in South America. The country is known for its breathtaking tango, the beef consumption and pampas. Very few people know that Aconcagua, which is the highest peak in the American Continent, is located on the western border of the country, while its lower shores houses Ushuaia, world’s southernmost…

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Tierradentro: Where underground temples live

In the Colombia’s Cauca Inza area, there exists a national archaeological park that is shrouded in mystery due to its temples that are not on land, but are under the ground; which are also referred to as the typical hypogea. This site is referred to as Tierradentro. Here, not only these temples are unique, but…

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The Statue of Cristo Redentor: Redeem Yourself

The Statue of Cristo Redentor is known as ‘The Statue of Christ the Redeemer’ in English. It stands at an impressive height of 30 meters or 98 feet. It offers a birds-eye-view of Rio de Janeiro. The Statue of Cristo Redentor is one of the world’s tallest statues.

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Sacsayhuaman: Mysteriously ascending citadel

South America seriously is the land of charmingly historical treasures of the past cultures and with Sacsayhuaman; this has become the widely accepted fact. But, there is something really unique of this site rather than just being a mysterious one. As against the famous archaeological sites such as Machu Picchu, this one is actually a…

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Tiwanaku: The holy city of the Incan God

Now in ruins, but still appealing; the ancient city of Tiwanaku is said to be the home of a vital pre-Incan colony that ruled between 500 and 900 AD in the Andean terrain. The city ruins are scattered very close to the famous Lake Titicaca’s southern shore in Bolivia. Because the lake was revered as…

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Copacabana beaches

Copacabana Beach

Brazilian beaches are extraordinary when it comes to designs of nature and reputation. The landscape stretches for thousands of miles. The crashing waves complete the scenery. The waves are ideal for surfers. The emerald coves draw thousands of visitors every year. The coastline of Brazil stretches for thousands of miles. This coastline is home to…

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Majestic Machu Picchu

The majestic city of Machu Picchu is located 7,000 feet above sea level. It lies nestled on top of a small hill that lies between the Andean Mountains. The city rises above the Urabamba Valley. The structure has been built by the Incans. It has been rightly deemed as one of the ‘Lost Cities’. It…

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Chavin de Huantar: A pre-Incan treasure!

Peru in South America is the home of many Incan as well as pre-Incan archaeological sites of which Chavin de Huantar is one of the stunning sites that prospered before Christ. Tucked on the Andes’ sheer slope, this World Heritage Site is one of the attractions, which is explored while trekking in Cordillera Blanca or…

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