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Darwin attractions

The capital of the Australian Northern Territory is completely soaked in the fusion of the Asian as well as national vibes. This is the city of various ethnic groups, but still features a relaxed living. For the tourists, there is much to do and see. Like the ethnicity, the Darwin attractions also seem to be also varied, which includes historical sites, parks, natural creations, beaches, harbors, museums, and adventures.

Darwin enjoys a tropical climate with an average temperature of 32 degree Celsius with the days being warm and night being cooler. The best time to visit the Darwin attractions is the period from May to October. For those who want to enjoy nature at its best here, the time of summer rains is preferred that facilitates scenic storms as well as landscapes. To explore Darwin, driving is highly recommended as sights are spread far away, traffic is no issue, and that parking is no problem.


One of the most popular highlights is the Territory Wildlife Park that is the house of the wetlands walk as well as monsoon forests. Explore here the exhibits of Aquarium, Nocturnal House, Kangaroos, and Birds of Prey. Take up the aquarium tunnel to stand right in front of a long saltwater crocodile or simply enjoy the birds of prey show.

If you want to picnic or swim, head off to the scenic Berry Springs Nature Park where there is lot to do and see. Via the goggles, look for a fish or other creatures in transparent pools, stroll via the woodlands as well as monsoon forest, use binoculars to spot the birds, and swim in its ponds leisurely (closed during wet days). You reach here after driving for 45 minutes.

Nestled at 20-minute drive from Darwin, the Casuarina Coastal Reserve is one of the top Darwin attractions that is full of beaches, sandstone cliffs, Casuarina trees, and a registered Aboriginal site named Old Man Rock that is a holy one. You can picnic here in its big large grassy zone with tables as well as barbeques.

While visiting Darwin, do not miss the Aquascene – a natural wonder on the Doctors Gully Road where you are allowed to feed by hand. There are fishes that are not that small to bite hard. Come here only during the high tides when many such creatures gather from the seabed for feeding. There is some minimal entry fee.

You will also love to explore the Batchelor Butterfly and Petting Farm as the Northern Territory’s sole one on the Meneling Road. It is at Batchelor from where you can easily reach to the famous Litchfield National Park. The main attractions of the farm are tropical setting, licensed restaurant, café, vistas of rare butterflies, petting farm full of fish, turtles, rabbits, natives, guinea pings, and peacocks, diverse birdlife, and a play area. Admission fee is AUD$10 per adult and $5 per child.

If you are a beach fan, do make sure that you enjoy at the Mindil Beach. If you come in April to November time period, the Thursday or Sunday night here is full of entertainments in form of cultural activities as well as craft displays. And yes, this beach is known for its sunset watch. As a caution, October to May is the time to stay away due to jelly fish.

Darwin beach

Easily accessible from the downtown is the George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens displaying the local flora along with the additional tropical habitats: monsoon forests, open woods, coastal dunes, and much more can be spotted via a leisure walk for free. The best place for swimmers as well as picnic goers is the Lake Alexander all year round. It is ideal for family fun by the water as well as on the playground with the volleyball game.

The Charles Darwin National Park is a legendary area where the shell middens reveal the hidden story of it being utilized by the Aborigines since times immemorial. Owned by the traditional Larrakia people, this was one of the military sites that became the leading defense line during the World War II due to which today you can see several storage zones as well as bunkers.

Food is always delicious here. Café Uno offers the best breakfast – toasted avocado, cheese, and tomato croissant, while Café 21 offers ideal coffee. Do not leave without savoring the Roma Bar’s coconut loaf with lemon curd. Some of the ideal budget food places are Hanuman near Crowne Plaza, Energy2Go, and The Tap on the Mitchell St.

For a budget accommodation, pick from Youth Shack on the Mitchell Street from $18, Gecko Lodge from $17, and The Wilderness Lodge from $24.