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Edinburgh Dungeons: Face the darkest Scottish moments

Be prepared to dispatch yourself far back in the era of the darkest history of Scotland still living beneath the Edinburgh streets. This attraction is none other than the Edinburgh Dungeons where genuine shows, live performers, interactive effects, and spooky ride accompany you to experience the real terror! Whatever you observe and spot is really a part of the actual historical occasions such as Great Fire, cruel Clan Wars, and the bleeding Anatomy Theatre. What can be more daring to ride up a chilling boat in the den of cannibal Sawney Bean? And if you are still very courageous, how about experiencing the endless fear, pain, torment, and death? So, overall the Edinburgh Dungeons will you screaming throughout its journey, but not out of the fear of death, but out of the thrill and fun. Have the feast of excitement with the terrible bites of history as you descend into this bygone world!

This family-based attraction at the striking Castle will take you on an instinctive, spine-chilling trip via the 1000 years of Scottish history whose darkest part is linked to the crimes as well as punishments. Within, you will come across a few state of the art exhibits as well as period-costumed actors who make history live and reveal how the Dungeon and its custodians operated to make the imprisoned suffer within its terrible walls. A ride going down the road stuns all on board via a few advanced sound and lighting effects to match with the macabre sights. The Edinburgh Dungeons graphically show what kind of life the tribes of the nation’s harsh countryside lived for centuries prior to the Industrial Revolution.

Edinburgh Dungeon

Among all the stunning features, the Judgment of Sinners takes you in the mid-17th century featuring harsh as well as lethal justice system. Just pray that the judge becomes merciful for you or else your sentencing is just to be announced! Next, in the Torture Chamber, spot the instruments of dark art in the Royal Mile Jail. This shows what kind of cruel implements were used to cut your tongue. Further, the Anatomy Theatre is where you will know about the unhygienic anatomical workshop featuring no sanitary conditions, medicines, or equipments. Then, the exhibition of the Clan Wars illustrates the details of a bloody internecine conflict between the ancient tribes of the Lowlands and Highlands with the genuine replicas in period costumes and fearsome weapons. Listen to the re-created fight of pikes and swords as well as chilling battle roar as the Clan MacDonald of Glencoe fight with the enemies.

The Haunted Labyrinth is one more eerie set up here, which is a maze of sub-surface catacombs stretching from below the rocky hilltop Castle until the Royal Mile. Still nobody knows the extent of these crypts, but it is sure that something more thrilling is waiting at the Edinburgh Dungeons as one transports oneself to the dark tunnels of doom. Luckily, there are the dungeon staff to take you safely out without fear.

One more staggering episode here is the semi-mythical situation of the cannibal Sawney Bean – the patriarch of a brutal family of Ayrshire who gulped down more than 1000 folks from distant hamlets at night in his cave dwelling. Will you be the next meal? The Sawney Bean exhibits the terrifying behavior of this ghastly personality as well as his family of predators. It also demonstrates how Sawney and his youngest grandchildren were detained and executed in disgusting manner.

Some more folk tales include the notorious Macbeth, a display related to the vampires, and the semi-mythical creatures.

Burke & Hare:

The Business of Murder takes you into the dark burial ground adorned by tombstones. Meet the in famous serial killers whose names I have already mentioned. Also, try out the novel highlight of Mary King’s Ghost that takes you in the time of 1646 in the puzzling Mary King’s Close smelling worst with the poor souls of plague, which will leave you paralyzed! Can you escape?

Do you who William Wallace is? He is the patriotic man of the Scottish army and you can proudly see him winning at the Stirling Bridge, but no sooner his death engulfs him as he is seized in a scary plot. Ride the Extremis: Drop Ride to Doom! Via which you bravely have you hear to your sentence in the suspended gallows and your own screams.

Entry fee

Adult: £12.92, child: £9.58, family: £40.83

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