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Five top activities to do on the Greek Islands

Visiting the Greek Islands is an experience that lasts a lifetime. It makes sense to include the very best attractions and activities for yourself and your family. Your travel agent can help you plan your trip and include specific islands/beaches/attractions, or you can plan your own agenda.

Five places you must include for yourself and your family are:

Set your own course to see the islands by chartering a yacht

Fun for the whole family, you can hire a yacht and skipper to take you to the islands at your pace; setting the course you want. Instead of being part of a timed tour, you can take your time, enjoy local foods, attractions, and have a relaxed vacation. Your skipper may know parts of call where you can find crafts and souvenirs at prices better than the tourist markets.

Visit Paros Antiparos lslands for children’s activities

Paros Antiparos Islands have several activities for children. Classes offering lessons in traditional Greek and other forms of dance are offered all year long at the Paros Dance Academy. Take horseback riding lessons at Thanassis Farm or the Koku Horse Riding centre. For children who want to learn scuba diving, try the Cycladic Diving Academy or the Octopus Sea Trips.

There are many other activities for children on Paros, and adults are welcome to participate in most of the activities. Day camps are offered for those adults who want to sightsee in places difficult for little legs to climb or hike.

Excavations and museums on Santorini Island

If museums with ancient pottery, inscriptions and artefacts are to your taste, the museums on Santorini Island are a must to visit. Explore over 250 churches built throughout ancient and modern history. Multiple archaeological sites are open to the public. The site at Thira dates back to 9th century B.C. The site at Akrotiri dates back to the 4th millennia B.C. After seeing the sites, visit the red and black sand beaches on the island for sun, water and relaxation and later admire the magnificent Santorini sunset.

The ruins of Knossos on the Island of Crete

You must include a visit to the legendary ruins of Knossos where the foundation of the palace belonging to King Minos has been unearthed. King Minos, according to Greek mythology, was the son of Zeus and Europa. He was supposed to be the keeper of the Minotaur and the famous (or infamous) Labyrinth. Several winding passageways suggest the Labyrinth may have been real. The throne is a must- see. It is so large it has benches on either side. As you walk the site, you might begin to believe some of the legends may have had a basis in some fact.

Knossos Crete
Knossos Crete

Mykonos Island is host to numerous attractions

Petros the Pelican will allow visitors to pet, photograph and feed him treats. Numerous museums, churches, windmills and more are ready for you to explore. The nightlife on the island is equally attractive with restaurants and clubs for every taste. Stay on the island, or make it a day trip.

With so many islands surrounding the mainland, you have a number of options for airports you can fly into from the UK. It’s easy to hop between the islands using the many boat services around so if you plan on visiting more than one island, you can pick the best deal on your flights to one of the local airports and then base your route round the islands around where you land.

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