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Hermanus Bay

The Bay of Hermanus is situated on the southern shoreline of the Federal Republic of South Africa. Despite the fact that the area is a small one, people from far and near have not ceased in continuing to visit this alluring tourist destination. With distance of about 115 kilometers from Cape Town, this bay is popular for its attractive beach where whales are available for watching.

To reach Hermanus bay, tour agents can assist to arrange the trip. Another means is to hire a car. One of the merits of renting a car is that it avails tourists the opportunity to break at service stations where pastries and other appetizing foods can be bought. There also exists for the viewing pleasure of callers, the farm shop, vineyards and orchards, also, the crafts market.

Hermanus rocky coast

Having a spectacle of whales is the chief tourist activity on Hermanus bay. This interesting sight occurs from the middle of the year in June till December. This is because the specie of whales found here can only be found during this period and this is the time in which they migrate to the waters of southern Africa. Therefore, as a matter of fact, the Hermanus bay has earned the reputation of being the world’s most magnetizing place for watching of whales. These big sea mammals and the activities of their calves cannot but make any viewer marvel at the wonders of nature. They are easily sighted on the surface as they spin in reverse, splashing the waters as they venture again into the deep.

One of the most fascinating experiences on the Hermanus bay is a man who has a feather stuck in his hat. He is the whale crier whose responsibility is to alert visitors at every appearance of the massive sea creatures. There is no other whale watching site all over the world where whale crying is practiced. More so, located on the bay is the Old Harbor museum. In this place, there have been made available additional information concerning whaling which are sure to engage visitors.

Asides whale watching, there are several other activities on Hermanus bay that are bound to be of interest to visitors. This site allows a swim with the sharks in cage diving.

Worth visiting is a natural sanctuary called the Fernkloof Nature Reserve. The musical notes that emanate from the marimba band in some of the outdoor cafes will be loved by visitors.

South Africans revel in the characteristic features of the houses that are found on this bay. The houses face the great waters of the sea. Really, the Hermanus bay is a place to be. It combines the splendors of nature with elements of modernity. With all these the bay has over the years carved a niche for itself as one of the most remarkable tourist destinations in the world.