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Hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park – an unforgettable family getaway

Rocky Mountain National Park awaits you and your family with a destination loaded with nature. The snow capped mountains enhance the beauty of the lakes and provide a nature filled getaway unlike any other. The ground squirrels, sheep, black bears, coyote, and elk provide a wildlife viewers expedition through the great outdoors. Once you enter the park you will want to break out the binoculars as there is always something awaiting you around each corner.

If you enjoy hiking, Rocky Mountain National Park, provides more than 350 miles of trails that lead to astounding destinations. Once you and your family depart from the trailhead you will find yourself entering a nature lover’s paradise. The aspen trees align the trails, along with the columbine flowers. During the summer the columbine flowers bloom throughout the trails. Along with the columbine flowers the indian paintbrush, waterleaf and brown eyed susan’s are common during the summer season. The brilliant colors flow along with the beauty that surrounds the trails.

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

For the bird lover, white tailed ptarmigan, mountain chickadee, three toed woodpecker, and the gray jays will be sure to entertain! Just another reason to be sure you have the binoculars packed for your hike or casual drive throughout the park. Will there be other people within the park? Yes, but due to the large number of trails available you can venture into places that will include you, yourself, and your family.

The starry skies, along with the quietness that will surround you as the moon appears in the nighttime sky will remind you why you chose this destination for your family vacation. A nature filled vacation will leave you refreshed and ready to share what you have learned when you arrive back home. Trust me, if you take the time to chat with a park ranger you will learn something that you did not know upon entering the park. This area is filled with lavish waterfalls, breathtaking lakes, and wildlife viewing that will bring your mind back into nature. A new appreciation of God’s country is something you and your family will take with you.

Rocky Mountains

What makes this destination so cool is that you are in God’s country and you will be visiting the homeland of the creatures that live within this area. Remember, you are a guest and you will want to practice Leave No Trace principals. Make sure you do not litter or leave anything that shows you have visited the area. If you do carry snacks, do not drop them on the ground as the animals do not need to learn to eat people food. Keep in mind during the winter time, their food source is limited and the creatures that habitate the area need to know how to find their own meals. Just another way to respect Rocky Mountain National Park and all it has to offer.

Rocky Mountain Valley

In my eyes Rocky Mountain National Park will provide you with an unforgettable family getaway with a ton of nature to experience. Step out of your comfort zone, step off of the well beaten trail and you will experience what many park visitors do not. The beauty will draw you in and your mind will wander through the peaks that surround you. This park has everything for the nature lover: Hiking, Birding, Bicycling, Road tours, and fly fishing. So, if you love the outdoors, Rocky Mountain National Park will be a great choice of a destination for your ultimate get away.