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How to organize an unforgettable stag do in Krakow

More and more often, another city or even a country is chosen to organize a stag do. Party people want to spend this time in a unique way and make it unforgettable not only for the future groom. A stag party is a good time not only for having fun, but also for interesting entertainment and visiting new, interesting places. Why is Krakow a good place to organize a stag do?

Stag activities in Krakow

The organization of a stag party in Krakow is a solution that many partygoers choose. Why? It is a beautiful city with many monuments and stag activities. It is here that we can see the Wawel Castle, the Cloth Hall, St. Mary’s Church, walk along the historic and beautiful streets, learn about the history of the inhabitants, and have fun. You can combine a stag party in Krakow with sightseeing and make the most of this time. Every year, Krakow is visited by thousands of tourists from Poland and abroad. Foreign guests feel great here. In addition, stag parties in Krakow are always welcome. There are many restaurants and bars with beautiful views and unusual entertainment. It is here that you can take a cruise on the Vistula River and look at the panorama of this city from a balloon. However, Krakow also offers many unusual entertainment during a bachelor party. One of them is a visit to the shooting range.

Why is a visit to the shooting range a good idea during a stag party in Krakow?

Shooting ranges are places that are gaining more and more popularity, and there are at least a few of them in Krakow. It is a perfect place for meeting with friends, a date, an integration event and a bachelor party. If you want to organize a bachelor party in Krakow, it is worth considering this proposal. This is a great opportunity to test your skills and learn new things, you can also organize group competitions. If the groom is a fan of games, movies or history, he will surely be delighted with this idea. The shooting range is a good idea to start a stag night in Krakow, because you have to be sober. In addition, a large amount of adrenaline will perfectly tune you for the rest of the evening. Which shooting range to choose for a stag do in Krakow?

Cracow Shooting Academy – the best place to organize a stag party in Krakow

Bang, guns, a huge dose of adrenaline – the shooting range is a perfect place for a bachelor party in Krakow. Cracow Shooting Academy is distinguished by its excellent location – we can get there by public transport from the center, as well as by taxi or a rented bus. In addition, the shooting range has many positive opinions from visitors from Poland and abroad. If you are thinking about organizing a stag do in Krakow, you will not find a better place. An experienced team is waiting for you at the shooting range, which will be happy to share the secrets of shooting and tell you about each of the available weapons. And there are many! The offer of Cracow Shooting Academy includes many short, long and historical firearms. When booking a visit, we can choose from 7 packages that differ in the number of weapons and shots. In addition, we can also compose your own package. This is a great idea for a surprise for the groom. The shooting range is a perfect starting point for a stag night in Krakow, and thanks to the good location, we can move on to conquer the city – full of adrenaline and with great moods.

Stag party in Krakow – shooting range and what next?

After visiting the shooting range, we can start the rest of the stag party in Krakow. We can get to the center quickly and easily, so even guests from abroad will manage. In the center of Krakow, there are many entertainments waiting for the participants of the bachelor party. Atmospheric bars and restaurants. It is a city that is bustling with life around the clock. We can also spend the evening in Kazimierz, a district of Krakow located near the center, which is gaining popularity. It is there that we will find many restaurants with delicious food from around the world, as well as bars with interesting drinks and craft beer. Why is it worth choosing Krakow for a bachelor party? It is a beautiful city with many traditions and also relatively cheap for foreign visitors.

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