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Intense Diving in exotic Oman

Dive, dive, dive! Is what you might hear from your diving instructor, just and you throw down a nervous  diving instruction booklet or a manual just as you know you are going to plunge into the blue clear waters here in the sultanate of Oman. In fact, some people have even said that diving here would even change your life.  There is a three day open water diving course called PADI. You might have to get used to fiddling with the air regulators and the importance of the control that you may need to maintain the airways.  You might even have to deal with a few complex formulae to calculate your dive dept and duration, including blood nitrogen and surface intervals.Check this adventure Oman tour here to find out more about adventures in this amazing place.

One thing you could do is walk backwards with your flippers (preferably called fins). You could also smear your masks with a little tooth paste to keep them fog free.After you take a break you may want to head back for some fried fish and a quick snooze right here on the beach.  This is mainly where the November head is on.  It is also time to put into action everything that you have learnt in your diving course.

Oman diving

You would be given a nice big lead belt so that you sink and an inflatable life jacket or if your feeling fancy then, BCD or, a Buoyancy control Device!

The whole idea is to have neutral buoyancy. You may meet many intense diving couples who come here addictively, the more friends you make, the more people you could partner up with to go diving. You could even try and face an entire lifetime of holiday boredom and then just have all of it disperse away as you get ready for your super cool dive!

By the way, apart from diving, you could also indulge in some heavy lounging that could happen right on the sandy beaches under the beautiful moonlight and the starry sky. The weather during the night times is always very pleasant.

The nest day , there be lots of people coming in from tourists gatherings and hotels sites, anxiously waiting their turn to get diving! There are lots of sea fauna to see like the barracuda and the leopard shark which makes for quite an interesting see, in these waters.

The first dive is all about building confidence. It mostly always works!  Once you’re in, is a miracle of lionfish and soft coral, purplish and almost waving like flowers on a breezy hillside. The morays of honeycombs have poked through their heads right out of the rocky crevices and the best part is that there is no sharks, so you don’t really have to be worried about being in Danger!


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