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London Dungeon: Experience the terror closely

If you have fearlessly explored some of the eerie houses in the world, do not think that you are brave for there is something more terrible to come on your way! Yes, for all those who think that they do not have fear at all, I would recommend them to visit the London Dungeon and test that no fear experience again! The terrible-looking faces of masks, rotten carcasses, shaking grounds, and dark rooms might have left you without any shock or fear, but the bloodshed, cutting of the body, and a ride to Hell are sure to leave you breathless. So, the actual challenge for the fans of horror is the Tooley Street’s London Dungeon where the legendary ghosts will push you in the niche of death and thereby hell.

Not meant for a faint-hearted one, this site will take you into some dark past days when the Medieval Age’s horror, live cruel actors, rides moving too fast, and the advanced technical effects will make you witness your death. If you dare to take up this adventurous trip full of spine chilling scenes, you will really encounter some of the violent days that are enacted here in a forlornly comedic way.

London DungeonOnce you enter, the beginning zone is the first as well as the sole one that you see without any media or actors. It is a greatly themed zone of a stolen medieval town with the static suffering scenes, bells ringing, and effectual flames. Then, you might come across the Labyrinth of the Lost that features a vast mirror maze surrounding the All Hallows Church of London’s vault. A live actor will inform all about the crypt after which you see your own varied reflections in the maze. After this, you are escorted to the next zone called the Great Plague. This reflects the scene of the Plague that was witnessed by in 1665 by London taking away thousands of lives and leaving hundreds in pain. You too can experience those days via a perfectly themed scene of panics as well as painful cries besides the soiled aromas. You really can feel as to how those days might have been for the city. Okay, now its time for some relief as a secret treatment room reveals to you the ways of healing. Here, the actors as the death collectors are seen moving with the decaying bodies and finally, you spot a doctor who hilariously operates on them.

So, be ready to explore the room of Surgery: Blood and Guts packed with the body parts, pussy bandages, surgical tools in blood, and corpses all kept in risky niches. Themed heavily by surgery, the room has an operator who will invite a few spectators to be seated on the special chairs for literally watching the slices as well as surgeries. At the end, lights go off and you are left jerked with a screaming voice. Now turning towards the Judgment show, this is where you see an 18th century Courtroom whose judge holds you guilty of crimes and announce a death sentence for you. So, you next move is towards the execution room called Traitor: Boat Ride to Hell wherein a real boat ride theme will make you feel as a criminal who in the past used to pass via the Tower of London’s Traitors’ Gate. Like a theme park ride, even this boat passes in darkness surrounded by some loud noises, rotates by 90 degrees, goes through the gate, and climbs upwards.

Before you die, you literally see a pastry shop where Mrs. Lovett welcomes you as well as the Sweeney Todd’s barber shop featuring a ghost as well as seats. The legend says that during the 18th century, Sweeney Todd, a barber, used to cut the customers’ throats and that the resultant carcasses aided in forming the big pies made by Mrs. Lovett. When you enter the shop, you see a chair with a replicated cut throat, which is really frightening. Then, you are made to sit on a moving chair and right behind you, Sweeney Todd will come for a close shave – thanks to the ultra-modern special effects. Then, you go back with the chair as if you are falling into a tomb, something which Todd always did with his victims.

After this horrifying experience, you come across the Great Fire of London scene – the dark past of 1666 when many zones of the city were set ablaze. In the replicated set up of London Dungeon, you will see a 17th century courtyard where Tom Baker’s film will be cast and in no time the fire will catch the area showing burning houses, red curtains, and yellow tunnel. You finally escape from a London Street’s tunnel.

And now finally, the Extremis: Drop Ride to Doom room will pull you from a jail to execute the deaths sentence by making you sit on a seat that ascends up towards the dungeon pinnacle. Once you go up, you spot the fake judges along with the executioner revealing all the criminal charges. Once this is read, a hangman will come to drop you down in dark where the cameras will take your photos. By the way, this will end your trip in the dungeon, not in your own life!