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Magnetic Island: Anytime choice of tourists

Regarded as the true Australian gem, the Magnetic Island surely acts according to its name pulling an increasing amount of tourists each year. Nestled close to tropical Townsville town of Queensland, the island’s major attraction is none other than the pristinely shimmering beaches facilitating a range of healthy coral reefs, marine creatures, and so exciting water sports as well. However, there is no need for the land adventurers do be disheartened as there are challenging National Parks trails as well as bush walking.

Known as Maggie by the locals, the Magnetic Island is reachable via a passenger ferry. The best time to come here is from August to December. Avoid a trip between April and July as that is the windy season making many sites rough.

Magnetic Island Horseshoe Bay

Magnetic Island is known as a memorable as well as cheap destination for certification in diving as well as snorkeling and for enjoying its wildlife.  One just cannot miss the trip to the famous Great Barrier Reef as well as to the Yongala site. I recommend to go with the Adrenalin Dive that offers day trips to Yongala for $179 excluding equipments to hire. For certification courses, contact Pleasure Divers whose charges start from $299.

A trip to the Horseshoe Bay is inevitable for experiencing the Adrenalin Jet Ski tours and sea kayaking. For kayaking, I recommend contacting the Magnetic Island Sea Kayaks who provides morning as well as sunset tours of kayaking. If you opt for the morning tour, then also expect a simple breakfast including a fruit. At this bay, you can also enjoy the exhilarating bush as well as beach rides along with the unique horse swimming in the immaculate waters of the coral sea. These transport beings love to swim giving you a remarkable experience as compared to the horseback riding here. Yes, you can even go for horse riding to enjoy a 2.5 hour expedition of bush and beach. The tour timings are 9:00 am and 3:00 pm.

A legendary experience is obtained by exploring the Forts Walk – a walk of one to two hours including the round trip, which takes you to the remains of a fort of World War II. Made to safeguard Townsville, today, the fort offers great vistas of the Arthur as well as Horseshoe Bays along with the command post. And yes, while you are here, spot for koalas in trees for free. For any tracking or walk trail you choose, just ensure that you carry a sunscreen, hat, lots of water, and insect repellent.

Magnetic Island

One of the shortest as well as easiest walks is the Hawkings Point Walk at the Picnic Bay. Within half an hour, you can enjoy the vistas across to Townsville and that too for free. Want to experience something unique? Then, take up a walk from the Picnic Bay to West Point for which the trail starts from the path after the Golf Course. It is a 2.5 hour walk that takes you through the mangroves, wetlands, and salt-waters swamps. And yes, you get a free chance to spot the local wildlife.

It is worth to go for Red Baron Sea Plane Joy Flights via which you get a chance to fly over the island by sitting in the historical Grumman Sea-Cat – the sole open floating plane of two passengers. By the way, this plane was also shown in ‘The Phantom’.

Okay, too much of ‘to do things’ has been covered. Do you want to see the most visited site here? This is really unique and bizarre as well. It is Giant Salt Water CROC – the giant saltwater crocodile of the Magnetic Island visible close to the Picnic Bay Hotel’s bar. Locals call it Rin Tin Tin. For trying the ideal cuisine, head off to the Restaurant Le Paradis at the St. Nelly Bay after 6 in the evening. It offers traditional French dishes.

Most of the travelers prefer staying at the Horseshoe Bay or at Arcadia. Here, I would recommend you to stay in Bungalow Bay – budget one starting $22 per night and Magnums on Magnetic on Arcadia whose rates start from $55 per night.