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Monte Carlo Monaco tours

Its time to explore a new destination, its time to reclaim your self after spending a gruesome year calculating the stock returns. Now is the time to spent the profit and what better way of doing it then taking a 8 days tour to Monte Carlo Monaco. This time around give the French Riviera a miss and wonder through the well manicured pathways of Monte Carlo. If any place has reinvented luxury and emit a state of perpetual bliss and elegance it is the small independent country of Monaco. Monte Carlo is a tiny city maybe even less than 3 kilometers on the whole and sits on the Mont Des Mules. It overlooks the sea. Approximately there are 30,000 residents two third of whom are foreigners who have made this their habitat after seeing this blissful place. They just couldn’t go back to their land. For a traveler it is difficult to get away from the clutch of this city when the time comes to say adieu. But it is the place of the nouveau riche and royalty alike.

The history of the place is as royal as its natural beauty. It still has a king, a queen, and royal signatories. The royalty factor gives it an old world charm that no amount of money can buy. The Grimaldi family ruled here. The history of the place can be traced back to 43 BC. This is where Caesar concentrated his pool of ships while waiting for Pompey to come.The Grimaldis got control of the rock in 1295.Monaco has changed hands again and again from Spain to Sardinia and France too. The Grimaldi family still has a strong presence in Monte Carlo which has been heightened by the presence of the legendary Grace Kelly in the family. The relationship between Monaco and France is of mutual trust and friendship. If a new law is passed in France it is sent to Monaco who can either keep it or discard it according to its convenience.

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo Monaco is the place of the nouveau riche. The beautiful harbor line overlooks the sea. You must have had heard about the famous casino of Monte Carlo which have featured in many of Ian Fleming’s James Bond time and again. If you are not a gambler no worries! The city is known for more things than one. The luxury hotels, cruises and leisure facilities are some of the best that the world can offer. Take a leisurely walk in the Larvotto beach, or check out the Monte Carlo sporting club. The Formula One Grand Prix is another attraction of the place. Its nightlife continues till the wee hours of the morning and can be spoken of in the same breathe as of Paris and New York. It is but natural for the rich to settle here.

Monte Carlo Monaco is also close to other famous travel destinations like the French Riviera and Nice in France and the shopping center in Cannes. You can take a day trip to the scenic villages of St. Paul de Vence or Eze. If you have a thing for perfume and want to see how they are made by the permutation and combination of fragrance take a short drive to the factories of Grasse. Even f you do not gamble the Le Grand Casino is a must see here for its sheer grandeur and scenic view.

As you know Monte Carlo is a very small region and there are space crunching. For this reason it might come to your notice that many of the houses are built right over the water. Expensive swanky cars are a common sight in the street. After all the rich likes to travel in style! Circuit de Monaco is housed in Monaco. This organizes for the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix. It also organizes for boxing games and fashion shows as well.

Don’t be surprised if you come across a movie star here or a famous personality sitting next to you in the Grand Prix. It is one of the favorite destination of the celebrities and hardly any one interferes with their lifestyle there. The Salle Garnier or Opéra de Monte-Carlo is where the celebrities and the royalty alike are entertained. It is styled in the same way as the Paris Opera and is decorated in red and gold frescoes. The first performance here was given by Sarah Bernhardt. The Hotel De Paris is another landmark of Monte Carlo. It is a part of the Palace Grand Hotels in Monaco which also has other famous names in its booty like Hotel Hermitage, the Monte-Carlo Beach Hotel on Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort, the Metropole Hotel and Fairmont hotel.