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Must Visit Online Sites For Travellers

It is the holiday season and you have grand plans to take your family members to an overseas country. You have also made a list of tourist destinations you plan to visit. Be prepared to shell out an exorbitant amount for the flight tickets since airliners tend to increase their fares a couple of days before the departure date. Non availability of 3 star hotels will compound your problems and stretch your budget. You should have booked your flight tickets and hotel rooms a couple of months before the journey date. This guide will help you solve all of the problems mentioned above and much more.

Suitcases for travelling

Samsonite Luggage Fiero HS Spinner 28: Most airliners have restrictions on the size of suitcases that passengers can carry with them. Make sure you choose the correct size. You should also purchase a lightweight suitcase so that you can stuff more items into it without exceeding the free weight limit set by the airliners. This beauty from Samsonite is perfect for you. Moulded from 100% polycarbonate, this tough suitcase has a micro diamond texture, making it scratch resistant. It also expands to provide you extra storage space. Its four wheels ensure that you can lug it effortlessly on any surface. Its side mounted `TSA’ approved lock provides the maximum security. In a nutshell, it is the best suitcases for travellers.

Samsonite Luggage Fiero HS Spinner 28

Make your journey more comfortable

Flight tickets: Thanks to booking flight tickets online is no longer a hassle. Their online portal is easy to use. Select the flight option on the top of their website, fill up the `Flying from’ and `Flying to’ fields… you will be prompted to select an airport in case there are multiple airports in the departure and destination cities. Select the date of departure and the date of return. Now select the number of adults and children, input the ages of each child in the field below and click on the `search’ button. The site will display various flight options including the number of seats available on each flight for that particular date. A toggle switch allows you to select prices in ascending or descending order. The sidebar allows you to select non stop journeys or hopping flights. The site will prompt you to book a hotel too and displays the amount you can save through this option. Nectar card holders earn points when booking their flights from Expedia. You can also book hotel rooms from this site as well.

Bora Bora

Hotel accommodation

Finding cheap hotels in the destination city can be a cumbersome task if you follow the traditional route of browsing the website of each hotel and filling up their online form to check whether rooms are available for the duration of your trip, and the accommodation charges too. allows you to choose from a wide range of hotels. Input the name of the city you wish to travel to, your date or arrival to that city, the date of departure, the number of guests. Select the `other’ option in the `guests’ field if you have kids with you. Now click on the `search’ icon to get a comprehensive list of hotels available at the destination city. You can sort the list through several parameters such as recommended, price, distance from the airport, and guest rating. Do not opt for the `recommended’ option as it always displays a list displaying the costliest hotel to the cheapest ones in descending order. You can also use the first slider on the sidebar to refine the rating of the hotel, the second to search hotels based on guest rating, and the third to set your price range. You also have the option of hiring a car through this site and purchase travel insurance too. In some cases, you can find serviced apartments for cheaper than choosing a hotel room. If you are traveling to Hanoi, for instance, serviced apartments in Hanoi center are reasonably priced even than cheap hotel rooms.


While the information above provides you with information about suitable suitcase, sites to book your flight tickets, and reserve hotel accommodations, it does inform you about other necessities that play a huge role in making your trip hassle free. Instead of browsing countless sites for more details, why do you not check a wide range of travel products on a single site instead?

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