Downtown LA Walking Tours

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Are you considering making a trip to Los Angeles? Want to take a tour of the city? Downtown LA Walking Tours offers fun, and affordable tours of major Los Angeles buildings and landmarks. They offer several unique and informative tours of Downtown Los Angeles. From the urban renaissance, to the architecture, to the booming arts district, to filming locations of major Hollywood hits, to haunted hotels once occupied by the likes of Marilyn Monroe and the infamous Black Dahlia. For only $17 a tour, you can learn about how it all started, and what the future holds. Continue reading “Downtown LA Walking Tours” »


Must Visit Online Sites For Travellers

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It is the holiday season and you have grand plans to take your family members to an overseas country. You have also made a list of tourist destinations you plan to visit. Be prepared to shell out an exorbitant amount for the flight tickets since airliners tend to increase their fares a couple of days before the departure date. Non availability of 3 star hotels will compound your problems and stretch your budget. You should have booked your flight tickets and hotel rooms a couple of months before the journey date. This guide will help you solve all of the problems mentioned above and much more. Continue reading “Must Visit Online Sites For Travellers” »

Sozopol beach
Old town on Tallinn, Estonia

5 places to eat during your tempting Tallinn Tours

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My two favorite things in the whole world are travelling and eating. Well, napping too, but this is not about that! One of the things I love the most about travelling is getting to try different, exciting foods! I recently came back from Tallinn let me tell you this – the food culture in this fascinating city is just marvelous! Continue reading “5 places to eat during your tempting Tallinn Tours” »

How to seriously reduce the cost of international travel (and make it easier!)

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To help you with you get the lowest priced flights, the best accommodation and travel gadgets that will change your life, we have put together this list of companies that you need to know about!  Forget about the dramas of low availability and over priced hotels, this guide will help you solve all of the problems that travelling brings up… Continue reading “How to seriously reduce the cost of international travel (and make it easier!)” »

Ritz-Carlton Kapalua
Reasons to Visit Bali: Inspirational Food

Planning a Surfing Vacation in Australia

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Are you really looking for a surfing vacation in Australia? Here are some effortless tips on successfully planning a surfing vacation in Australia, which also tell you about the great destinations along with their comparison.

Above all, first you need to determine as to what type of a surfer you are. Are you a beginner, intermediate, or an expert? Further, what is the level of your surfing speed – fast or slow? Australia caters to all kinds of surfers. So, take the maximum benefit out of your money and planning by first knowing your skill in this area so that you chose the right surfing destination. Continue reading “Planning a Surfing Vacation in Australia” »