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Picasso Museum Barcelona

Picasso Museum, located in Barcelona, is indispensable when it comes to the comprehension of the formative years of the great artist, Pablo Ruiz Picasso. The artist’s genius can be visible through the nearly 3500 art works that comprise the collection. The Picasso Museum also offers a glimpse into the unique relationship that the artist shared with Barcelona. The relationship was intimate and solid. It developed during his youthful years and lasted till his death.

Barcelona is home to the works of Picasso, who is the one of the most significant and prolific artists of the twentieth century. Many works at the Picasso Museum throw an insight into unique relationship he shared with Barcelona. Some of the crucial phases are highlighted in his artworks. A large portion of the present collection was a result of the contribution that Picasso himself made in the year 1970.

Due to this, the museum has a rich collection of the artist’s works that belong to his formative years. Needless to say, the art collection is exhaustive. In the year 1917 Picasso met Olga Kokhlova, and he also traveled to Rome with the ballet company of Diaguilev in order to prepare for the parade. The museum is home to many works created in this year. Later, the artist traveled to Barcelona to let the girl visit his family.

From then on, Picasso spent a considerable time in Barcelona. There are many works that throw more light on the artist’s stay. His works mark the change from Cubism to classicism. His journey to Italy facilitated this transition. Some of the prominent works include Harlequin, Woman with Mantilla, Figure with Fruit Dish, and Blanquita Suarez. These works are masterpieces of Cubist art. A greater emphasis has been laid on polychromy and ornamental components.

The collection of artworks is exhaustive till the Blue Period. The museum is home to a collection of artworks that are often considered priceless. In April 1904, Picasso decided to leave for France, indefinitely. This marked the end of an era.

The artworks belonging to the museum have a touch of the local city flavor. However, they never deviate from the true characteristics of a Picasso artwork.

Picasso Museum Barcelona
Picasso Museum Barcelona

Picasso Museum Barcelona has two fundamental aims. One, to have a permanent exhibition of Picasso’s works. The fame of the museum rests on this fact. It also serves as the primary focus of interest. The second aim of the museum is to showcase the works of Picasso in depth. In addition to Picasso’s works, the museum is home to the works of other artists that contributed to the avant-garde movement, which was witnessed in the twentieth century’s first quarter.

Picasso Museum has been steadfast in its approach for the last fifteen years. This has filled the vacuum that existed in the city. The museum has transformed into one of the most significant institutions in Barcelona.