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Properties for Rent in Metro Manila: The 5 Best Neighborhoods!

Are you in Manila for Travel or Work? Or maybe you are for your Education? Either way, since you’re here, it seems that you need a place to stay temporarily. Renting a property in Metro Manila could be quite risky especially if you rent a property in a bad neighborhood. You deserve to know that your neighborhood should be clean, organized, safe, and strategically located.

These are the characteristics of an ideal neighborhood. And without further ado, here are the 5 best neighborhoods to rent properties in Metro Manila.

Metro Manila property for rent

Diliman, Quezon City. Are you a student? Diliman is in close proximity with some of the largest and prestigious universities. University of the Philippines’ main campus is located here along with Ateneo de Manila campus. Diliman is mostly a residential district in QC, catering any student’s needs. It is also situated near prime medical institutions and government offices. Diliman is incredibly appealing to both students and teachers alike as it is an educational and institutional hub of Metro Manila.

Bel-air Village, Makati City. Bel-air village is a gated barangay-slash-village located at Makati City. The village is only a ten-minute drive away from commercial hotspots like Makati Business District and the Fort Global City.

Metro Manila property for rent

It is a secure village and had once been dubbed as the greenest and cleanest place in the city. Bel-air village is also situated near commercial areas like Rockwell Center and Century City Mall. This makes it an interesting place to consider for businesspeople and the like, that specializes in trade and commerce.

Legazpi Village, Makati City. Another entry from Makati City, this village is suitable for growing families to stay in nowadays. It is only a walking distance away from the Makati Business District and is near top-tiered universities like LaSalle, Ateneo de Manila, and Centro Escolar University Makati to name some. The village is well-known for its weekend food market, dubbed as the Legazpi Sunday Market.

Metro Manila property for rent

Commonwealth, Quezon City. This area is highly sought-after due to its strategic location. It is situated at a road that connects to these major roads like C-5 Interchange, Quirino Highway, and North Luzon East Expressway. This area is attractive to starter families. Commonwealth is also in proximity of UP Diliman and several government complexes like the Batasang Pambansa Complex, embassies, and more.

Ortigas Center, Pasig City. Also known as the ‘Shopping Capital of the Philippines, Ortigas Center is an original real estate site. It is home to important institutions and companies. Ortigas Center is a generally a commercial is with several huge malls in its vicinity. The area is attractive to small families and business people.

Metro Manila property for rent

These places all fit the criteria given earlier. The most important fact is that they are all situated near important institutions and districts that will make your stay easier. There are dozens of properties for rent in Manila, but you will surely not regret renting in these neighborhoods. They are dubbed ‘best’ for a reason.

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