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Savannah, GA in a Day

With it’s rich history, southern charm, and unique architecture, Savannah, Georgia, is truly a prime destination to vacation.

Founded in 1733, Savannah, Georgia was established as the colonial capital and became the first state capital. Many novels and films have been set it Savannah. With the city’s charm and charming people, it is truly one of America’s most beautiful places.

How to See Savannah in a Day

Savannah, Georgia, is a true southern gem. It is near impossible to see it in one day and not want to stay at least a week. With so much to do, learn, and see, it can be difficult to decide how to take in the cities history and attractions in one day. The goal of a quick vacation to such a wonderful destination is, research and know the main spots to hit and tours to take.


History Tours of Savannah, Georgia

Savannah is known as, “America’s most haunted city.” If there are two tours to go on in this city, it would be a historic tour and a haunted tour. Start the day with a historic walking tour.

Join a history guide and stroll through Savannah to learn about the history, architecture, and overall charm of the city, an early morning history tour is a great start to the day. Learn about Georgia’s founder, James Edward Oglethorpe, who as able to establish Georgia as a productive colony for England. Also, learn how the city was divided in squares, of which 22 of 24 have been restored. Each square is named after significant events or people that influenced the city.


For those who want to learn more about Savannah during the Civil War, the history behind specific homes, or the history of the “gates and gardens,” go ahead. Savannah offers many specific tours to meet the wishes of all their visitors. Whether it’s pirates or Paula Deen, Savannah has it covered.

Where To Eat

Before touring this city, be sure to get plenty to eat. Start the day with a good breakfast at B. Matthew’s Eatery. Their menu has everything from biscuits and gravy to lamb. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it is a great place to start or end the day.

For those who want to make reservations at Paula Deens, grab a breakfast at Goose Feathers Cafe. Get a sandwich, a pastry, or healthy breakfast to go or stay in and dine. Try one of the extremely scrumptious stuffed croissants, and head over to The Lady and Sons to reserve a spot.

The Lady & Sons fills up fast. In order to ensure a spot on the list, patrons must get there as soon as possible (8-8:30AM) to reserve a dining time. Especially during busy tourist month. However, if the thought of having to wait in line to reserve a spot is not ideal, go down the road to Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House. Both are great, and guests always leave smiling and full.

River Street in Savannah
River Street in Savannah

For lunch or a treat, go to Leopold’s. Leopold’s is a great place for lunch, a light dinner, or a late night snack (especially a pre-ghost tour snack). There flavors include: butter pecan (a southern classic), caramel, chocolate, and seasonal favorites such as, frozen hot cocoa, pumpkin spice, orange blossom, and peach. Of course, they have a large variety of flavors, as well as sandwiches and soups. The ice cream is exclusively Leopold’s recipes, and made daily on site.

Ghost Tours of Savannah

A great way to end a day in this southern city is to be a part of a ghost tour. Go on a haunted trolley ride or walk through the ghostly streets. Try to capture a spirit on film or in a picture. Be prepared for a heart pounding adventure full of stories and tales of the haunts who will not leave this city.

There are so many tours to go on. For those looking for the ultimate spooky and informative ghost tour, try The Blue orb tour. This tour is constantly working with the city to stay updated on ghostly activities and new stories. The tour times are 7-9PM and midnight. This is one of the cities most popular tours, for good reason.

Other popular ghost tours include, the sixth sense, Oglethorpe tours, and the “trolley of doom.” No matter which tour is chosen, the experience is exciting. To be part of a haunted tour in such a historic city is exciting enough, but to be able to experience the stories and spirits is accelerating.


Where To Shop

Before leaving the city, go by shops on River street and collect goodies to take home. For all with a sweet tooth, go to River Street Sweets. Load up with bags of candied pecans, decadent cakes and pies, gooey taffy, famous pralines, and chocolate candies. Go to their website to find coupons or to the local visitor’s office.

For those who love Paula Deen, go to the gift shop beside Lady and Sons or Savannah’s Candy Kitchen. Paula Deen is such a Savannah icon now that it is near impossible to enter a food store without finding her products (which make great Christmas gifts). Both stores offer a number of products, but the Candy Kitchen also offers a variety of nuts and sweet and savory goodies. Making it a great one stop shop.

No matter how long one gets to experience Savannah, a day or a week, the charm will leave him wanting more. Something about the city always brings back visitors. Between its history and southern hospitality, it is one of the best cities to live in and visit.

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