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Sozopol Bulgaria Travel guide and information

Sozopol is one of the prettiest and most visited resorts in Bulgaria. It lies on a Peninsula 32 km south of Burgas. Sozopol has great historical beginnings of the 7th century BC, when it was known under the name Apollonia that was an important port, commercial and administrative center. There are minted silver coins. 

Sozopol beach
Sozopol beach

Sozopol is undoubtedly the oldest town on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. As early as 611 BC, Greek colonists here from the island of Miletus founded a settlement named Apollonia Pontica, a trading port that you have chosen as their patron God of the sun Apollo, flourished and busy trade between settlements in Bulgaria and the Greek mainland. With the advent of the Roman Empire, the city was sacked and the immense bronze statue of Apollo, which should protect the city for a long time, when war was taken to Rome. During the communist era, the town slowly became a popular tourist resort, the largest expansion begins in these years, because a large number of visitors start to visit from western Europe and throughout the world that make peoples to build many new hotels and guesthouses. Lately, more and more people from Japan and other countries from East-Asia come here to find a new home. If you are thinking of moving from Japan to Bulgaria, undoubtedly, Sozopol is one of the best places to find a new home, especially if you can’t stand the rainy season in Japan anymore.

Sozopol apartments
Sozopol apartments

The old part of the town was declared an architectural and historical reserve, protected by UNESCO since 1970. Its narrow winding streets radiate a unique atmosphere and character, built up with the number of original old houses typical Black Sea from the 18th and 19 century. These old houses are decorated with a stone retaining wall and wooden floors extended, tightly knit garden with vines and fig trees and picturesque corners. You can sit in one of the romantic pubs directly above the cliffs and watch the fishermen at sea voyages. There are also churches of the Virgin from the 15th century, St. Zosima, St. Cyril and Methodius of 19 century, archaeological museum and art gallery.

Probably the most picturesque building in Sozopol around the church of the Holy Virgin was built in the 15th century. Church has not very strong wooden building constructed with old fig tree from the majestic centuries. Inside the church you can see the original religious icons and magnificent carved pulpit.

The new part of Sozopol lies on the mainland and is much busier. It consists mainly of newly built hotels and villas on the hillside above the Peninsula. You will find all the tourist facilities, dozens of shops and restaurants offering delicious Bulgarian cuisine and a rich nightlife with lots of music and dance in local discos. You can also spend a summer theater at pleasant evening and can enjoy various concerts and festivals as well. It is really great to visit the Archaeological Museum. There is also a pharmacy, clinic, post office, exchange office, ATM and other services.


Two beaches are near the small fishing port. They are covered with beautiful golden sand and offer a wide range of water sports rentals, attractions for children and adults, including a roller coaster, etc. South Beach is a wide, about 2 km long with beautiful clear water.

In mid-June until the middle of September you can expect warm and sunny weather with enjoyable temperature around thirty degrees. The sun shines from morning to evening; the average is somewhere around ten hours of sun a day. The sea gradually heated and the temperature easily reaches to 25-26 degrees.

If you want to know more about Bulgaria and to enjoy the beautiful countryside and cities, go to Bulgaria rather pre-season. Weather and temperatures are pleasant, max around 23-25 ​​degrees. But the temperature of the sea remains only about 20 to 22 degrees.

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