Lizard Island

Lizard island things to do

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A trip to the Lizard Island, even though off the Queensland shore, is among the most sensible excursions that the gallant backpackers can experience outside Cairns. Designated as the de facto national park, the island is the permanent abode of some of the most magnificent coastal views pulling countless tourists per month! Nestled very far away from Brisbane, but near to the Cooktown, the Lizard Island is more famous for its outstanding Great Barrier Reef that renders the atoll as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Most of the travelers including me prefer taking a flight from Cairns and landing at the airport here for soaking in its national park extending up to six islands. A conservation sanctuary, a chic tropical resort, and a holder of some landmarks makes the Lizard island a tempting bite of a never tasted flavor! Continue reading “Lizard island things to do” »