Hobart, Tasmania – Sights

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Hobart is the capital of the island state of Tasmania. The city is populated by about forty seven thousand inhabitants. It is located at the shore at the origin of the River Derwent, which is located beneath the towering Mount Wellington slopes. The setting is simply perfect and it is simply no surprise that the city is described as among the most beautiful in entire Australia. There are a huge number of attractions in Hobart. Hobart was the second city settlement in Australia, and was established in 1806. The city is a port and is known for having a flavor of seamanship. The harbor is Hobart’s life blood. Continue reading “Hobart, Tasmania – Sights” »

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Things to do in Hobart

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Hobart is the gem of Tasmania besides its capital city and Australia’s second oldest city. Nestled in the Derwent River’s estuary, Hobart was established as a harbor; but today, it is a hub of several attractions and scenic activities attracting thousands of tourists from across the globe. With diverse things to do in Hobart, this tourist destination is now no less than a retreat where vacationing as well as frolicking has a different definition. Continue reading “Things to do in Hobart” »