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The Land beyond Words – Africa

How would you try to capture Africa’s essence on paper having strictly told not to use all the trite in a book? As far as we know, perhaps possible in a different galaxy, there’s no other country in a continent that comes near to Africa for its variety, purity, scale and raw impact. Africa does offer travel experiences much better than the developed, tourist trails with A/C of the Southeast Asian countries or Australia’s or Europe’s theme parks.

The natural history of Africa sounds good enough for a worthy travel. It’s hard to find places where you could actually sleep peacefully hearing the roars of lions and also catching a glimpse or two of the magnificent flamingos taking off the waters heading for another home. Sightseeing in Africa boasts of spectacular scenery that has the capacity to entice anybody, and as previously mentioned, difficult to find a better place compared to any mountain, desert or lakes on Earth. All this is accountable to the true African spirit where people push, shove, sweat, dance, sing and laugh that attracts millions of travelers who for obvious reasons either keep coming back, make Africa their second home or even settle down there.

Namibia desert

The true essence lies in dealing with revered merchants, walking through the narrow streets of Arabian medina, dancing or humming to reggae beats heard from a nearby market stall, relaxing under the palm trees by the Indian Ocean, and so much more you’d be struck by the people’s warm-heartedness, honesty and energy that makes Africa special.

Traveling through Africa isn’t easy let alone the entirety of it. The continent is just massive and could prove to be frustrating and at the same time challenging too. Logistical disasters and hardships could occur along the way. That said, you really don’t have to dig in hard about everything seen on televisions. Certainly, Africa isn’t a hell known for civil wars, violent crimes and famine. Africa’s a fantastic, surprising, intriguing and enlightening continent. There’re possibilities that you would never come back home after visiting Africa.