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Things to do in Cairns

Welcome to the entrance of the Great Barrier Reef! This is exactly the reason why Cairns is among the most famous Australian destinations. Further, Cairns is easily reachable by air and that it is a perfect destination to explore the typical Australian treasures. The best feature of Cairns is ‘wish-and-get’ meaning if you truly desire for something, it comes to you here in no time. This is because things to do in Cairns are plenty and diverse.

Cairns enjoy tropical climate along with geographical as well as natural features. The sanction of dense rain forests aids in building a few excellent theme parks make the city very thrilling. Further, Cairns is the starting spot for Cook Town, Cape York Peninsula, and Atherton Tableland. With all these attractions, you will surely like to know about the best time of visit. It is from April to September as dry season makes the weather pleasant here. Avoid the time of tropical monsoons from November to March when water activities are banned due to Box Jellyfish attack.

Cairns Lagoon

One of the top things to do in Cairns is to explore the Great Barrier Reef preserved with a pristine marine park of fun and thrill. Go swimming, snorkeling, swimming, sailing, and diving to put yourself in the holding hands of the stunning flora and fauna. All credit goes to the proximity as well as shallowness of the outer reef. From the Queensland’s northeast coast to Cape York, this one is certainly the largest wonder of nature also seen from space.

You just cannot miss a trip on the Kuranda Skyrail featuring majestic tablelands. Regarded as the longest gondola cableway, the Skyway Rainforest cableway begins its journey at a distance of 15 km from Cairns passing above the untouched rainforest and ending at the alluring Kuranda hamlet’s rainforest. While you are on this cableway, spot the Barron Gorge and falls.

Exploring the artificial lagoon called Swim is among the exciting things to do in Cairns. Nestled on the walkway featuring free barbecues near the pier, this unfenced, shallow lagoon is free to enter pulling families with children. Just cool down and relax here if at all you come here between October and May when the beaches are closed. Kindly note that Cairns does not have any beaches. It is only in the north where beaches are seen but they are not as big as this lagoon and that the sand is rather rough.

A visit to the Cairns Wildlife Dome on the Wharf Street is a must for all those who love animals. A great wildlife exhibit within a soaring glass dome atop the majestic Reef Hotel Casino is the top draw. Tourists amble via a mock-up rainforest to spot parrots, lorikeets, cockatoos, koalas, wallabies, turtles, frogmouths, pythons, kookaburras, and crocodiles. Throughout the day, complimentary guided tours are on offer.

Do take up the Northern Experience Eco Tour to spot the waterfalls, The Curtain Fig Tree, Lake Barrine Cater Lake, Milla Milla Falls, Mungalli Organic Bio-Dynamic Dairy offering 2 course hot lunch, rainforest of Highlands, Spanish castle ruins as well as gardens, and the Babinda Boulders for spring waters of clear mountain as well as a swim. On your return journey, you will get a chance to marvel at the Walsh’s Pyramid and sugar cane fields. This tour is a must for photographer.

A tour to Esplanade is a must for good dining and shopping. The Donnini’s Ciao Italia offers indoor as well as outdoor dining at the Pier Marketplace amidst a soaking setting. The best part is that is within the walking distance from several hotels here. Meals start from $20-$25, but are very delicious! For accommodations, choose among The Bellview in Esplanade starting from $20, Bohemia Resort on McLeod Street from $23, and Gilligans Backpacker Hotel & Resort on Grafton Street from $18 with free meals, and Njoy Travellers Resort on Sheridan Street from $15.