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Tourist Attractions in Mexico

What you want or believe is what you get at Mexico. This is the best way that I can describe this great region of America. So, if you want to explore some historic sites, Mexico is blessed with some of the most notable ones. Alternatively, if you want to be at the beach relaxing, surely there is one to cater to your mood along the coast of 10,000 km.

Do you know what the specialty of this region is? Dining with a chrysanthemum salad and sunrise kayaking! Yes, this is the must do activities of Mexico. But this time, I first went to the Mexico City to explore the different historic and cultural tourist attractions in Mexico.

Teotihuacan pyramids
Teotihuacan pyramids

After reaching the International Airport Benito Juarez that was at six miles away from the downtown, I took a taxi to reach my friend’s house.

My Trip

The Mexico City is the third largest metropolitan city in the world. Among all the tourist attractions in Mexico, the most famous one is the Alameda Central – the only extensive park in the city since the 16th century. On Sundays, people come to picnic here amidst some beautiful edifices and museums. It is so named because of the alamos (poplars) been cultivated here.

The Main Square is definitely an alluring place with some of the top tourist attractions in Mexico. Here, visit the Plaza de la Constitucion where the political and religious leaders interact with the people. Then, also explore the Palacio de Bellas Artes that is now a transformed mansion of visually striking Mexican artwork.

I headed to Anahuacalli that seems to be a port, but is actually a beautiful museum.

Nestled at a distance of 3.5 km from Coyoacan, it is built from a single volcanic rock.

Check out for the Diego Rivera’s pre-Hispanic art objects and an inscription on the door that says: ‘To return to the people the artistic legacy, I was able to realize from their ancestors.’ Climb to its peak for some good views of the city. Want to face the world of crime? Be at the Arena Coliseo that is a home of crime! Here, you will have to bravely face violence, agony, and extreme cruelty in form of exhibitions obviously.

Do explore the Basílica de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe that is a legendary structure. As per the legend, in 1531, a local Juan Diego came at Cerro del Tepeyac (Tepeyac Hill) where he spot a beautiful lady in a blue cloak of gold. As per what the lady told, he went to the bishop, Juan de Zumarraga, told him about the apparition of the Virgin Mary, and asked him to erect a shrine. But as usual, the bishop refused to do so, as he did not believe. However, after the fourth apparition, the mother’s image was mysteriously placed on the hill thereby, leading to the construction of the shrine.

My next target among the tourist attractions in Mexico was the historic Biblioteca De Mexico. Called the Citadel, this was once a tobacco factory and a prison. The historical event of the Decena Tragica (Tragic Ten Days) of 1913 marking the defeat of the Madero government via uprising was witnessed here. Now, a National Library is worth a visit with over 2,00,000 exhibits, periodicals, and art displays.

I also explored some museums. The Museo de Rufino Tamayo is one of the excellent ones here boasting both old and contemporary works. Other interesting museums are Museum of Frida Kahlo and the Museum of Modern Art honoring the works of the local artists.

If you are with your family, do explore the Zoologico Park of Chapultepec that is the best zoo with some spectacular views. Here, both adults and children can enjoy themselves. One more place for children is the El Museo del Nino that is dedicated to them. So, it is also called the museum for children where an interactive and educational program and a cinema house keep your children engaged. For some peace, I also discovered Cholula that is a popular holy city. Located at a distance of 80 km from the Mexico city, you can nicely meditate in one of its churches and cathedrals. The main highlight is the Santa Maria Tonantzintla because of its peculiar features.

For some good meals, Mexico offers El Califa whose both indoors and outdoor dining is popular among the tourists. Do taste some of the Mexican salads.


Take up a bus tour, as trains are costly in the city.

Best Time to Visit

July and August
Mid-December to early January


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