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Visit the Naples Zoo at the beautiful Caribbean Gardens

A perfect family destination to visit, this place will hold the attractions of your kids and you will love the time together at the Caribbean Gardens. And the Naples Zoo is one another amazing place to visit at the Caribbean Gardens. Situated in historic origin, at tropical habitat where you can see the exotic animals and have wonderful time when visiting the wildlife shows and also the place offers many exciting activities as well.

The Naples Zoo is located just one block south from the Golden Gate Parkway, on the 1590 Goodlette- Franke Road in the Naples. The Naples Zoo is open daily, timing is 9.00 a.m., and the last entry ticket can be taken till 4 p.m.

Naples Zoo is National Accredited Zoo in the Caribbean Garden, a natural path which is almost mile in length winding through. In this stretch resides the beautiful animals, which are rare, endemic and even exotic. This is 43 acre forest, where you can even see some exotic plants. These plants are historic as they were first planted in year 1919.

Naples Zoo offers amazing views of beautiful sceneries and see the favorite animals like the mighty lions, strong bears, mischievous monkeys, and also see the rare animals like striped Hyenas, array of Asian deer which you will be astonished to see that they eat meat and even barks. The zoo has much more, that will keep you on your toes. Superb place to have a day excursion with your family.

There are many features in the Naples Zoo:

Multimedia Safari Canyon: in a theater there is presentation of two shows which shows the animals in zoo up close in their natural settings and also there are many wildlife videos that you can see.

Primate Expedition Cruise: There is Cruise experience that you can do where you can observe many rare species of monkeys, apes and the lemurs.

Meet The Keepers: Meet the people who help in running of the zoo, and how they help in maintaining care taking of animals.

Alligator Bay Feeding: Feed the alligators, or see how their keepers feed them, its an amazing experience!

Snakes Alive: See the rare and different species of the snakes and know which are the venomous and how dangerous they can be. The slithering organism snakes will be a enriching experience.

Giraffe Preview Exhibits : In this you can hand feed these Giants, yet gentle animals, enjoy craning your neck to see the giraffes.

African Oasis

Tiger Forest : Don’t get scared and see these wild animals at its wild.

Panther Glade: Don’t get scared and see these wild animals at its wild.

Black Bear Hammock: See the wild black bears in their natural surroundings and observe their living.

Backyard wildlife Habitat: this is certified place where you will be able to see many wild buttrerflies.

Leopard Rock

Fosas: Madagascar Legendary Carnivores

Jungle Larry

Safari Jane

There are three play areas in the Naples Zoo itself.

Other then that for giving entertainment and knowledge there are many various exhibits in the Naples Zoo. Also there are presentations given which are entertaining as well as informative. A very good thing for your kids. Also kids get involved in taking care of animals, which fosters the love for wildlife. Understand the wild animals in the exciting manners. Also helps kids to know about the conservation of the animals. Also here you can relax in the amazing tranquil environment. Take walk underneath the canopy of the giant ficus tress which have sprawling aerial forms of root system.

Wynn’s at the Zoo is perfect place for having meals for kids and the adults.

Also you can go shopping in here to buy gifts for people from this special place.

Naples Zoo has been given accreditation by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA).

Also the Naples Zoo in the Caribbean Gardens is member of the American Association of Zoo Keepers, Inc.
Naples Zoo’s Admission Fees at the Caribbean Gardens:

Adults that is ages 13 and up are $19.95

Children whose ages is 3 through are 12 $12.95

Children whose ages 2 and under admitted inside for Free

Prices for the admission are subjected to change without the notice.