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Walt Disney World

If you are talking about recreation resort the first name that comes up is Walt Disney World resort. It covers around 30,080-acre and is located in Orlando, Florida. The resort has four theme parks, two water parks, numerous themed resort hotels, a sprawling campground, health spas, fitness centers and a host of other entertainment that you can’t possibly think of in a recreational park.This phenomenal park was opened in 1971 on 1st of October. Its first inclusion was Magic Kingdom Theme Park. As  time went by the popularity of the park soured and it included other parks like Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park. It was inspired by Walt Disney and his genius creation of the Walt Disney world. The Magic Kingdom is a replica of the Disneyland. This park is different from Disneyland in California from the fact it has a much wider variety of entertainment facilities with theme resorts, sports , recreation, and entertainment.

Walt Disney World

Walt Disney himself was much happy with the foundation of Walt Disney World. According to him Disneyland had been so commercialized and cluttered that it was hampering his romantic ideas that he envisioned for the park. So the main underlying  thought of Walt Disney World was coated in romance over area. However he died in  December 15, 1966 before he could see that his project has materialized. His brother and business partner Roy O Disney took over. The main feature of Walt Disney is that each park is represented by an iconic Walt Disney character.
Theme parks in Walt Disney World
Walt Disney World Resort features four theme parks. Each park is represented by an iconic structure. The main Walt Disney parks here are
•    Magic Kingdom –

•    Epcot –

•    Disney’s Hollywood Studios

•    Disney’s Animal Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom is n imaginary world of fairy tales, Disney characters, entertainment and shopping. Check out the enchanted Cindrella castle here and the Mickey’s Toontown. Children are fascinated with the Pirate world. Fireworks, splendid parades, and monsters, You will never be in want of activities here.You can also share your meals with Disney characters. The Emporium Store here gives you ample opportunity to collect souvenirs. Epcot one of the biggest theme parks here sprawling across 300 acres. The main feature here is technological advancement. The Spaceship Earth here is shaped like a giant golf ball. Inside the Pavilion here is the main shopping area. This is truly an amazing place as here you will find the mix and match of 11 cultures of the world. Disney’s Hollywood Studios is the place to watch out for behind the scene glimpses into live shows, backstage tours and Hollywood actions. It is like a huge movie set where the glitz and glamour factor of Hollywood is accentuated. The Broadway-style musicals is one of the main attraction of the park. The Animal Kingdom theme park is home to the largest animal theme park in the world. It aims at conservation and preservation of nature and wildlife. It shelters about 1700 animals.
The main water parks in Walt Disney World are
•    Typhoon Lagoon

•    Blizzard Beach

•    If water recreation attracts you then Blizzard Beach Water Park is the place to be in. It has some of the fastest and most exciting water rides. Water shoes are a must here as you can get incredibly wet. Also get a locker to safekeep your personal belongings. Raft rides, toboggan slides, a one-acre wave pool are hot favorites with the children. Typhoon Lagoon is a similar water park with Surf Pool and snorkel Shark Reef. These are real sharks. Mount Mayday is filled with rivers, and rapids and a host of exciting slides. Other than the theme parks and water parks, Walt Disney World also has about five golf courses. They are Palm the Magnolia, Lake Buena Vista and Osprey Ridge.
Of the 33 resorts and hotels in the Walt Disney complex, 24 are operated by Walt Disney Company. You can opt from deluxe accommodation to sprawling villas as per your taste and budget. You can also stay in the camping ground. The Golden Oak resort here offers luxury home to tourists who are willing to stay here. This is designed by the Walt Disney Company. In 2012 Walt Disney World is all set to open 1,120 suites. It is going to be a theme resort with Finding Nemo, The Lion King, Cars and The Little Mermaid as its main contender.