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Few places of interest in the Maldives

Maldives, as we know, is an ideal destination for travelers seeking solace and tranquility amidst the natural beauty surrounding the coral islands. There are many places of interest in Maldives, and we’d browse through some that might be of interest to you.

The majority of Maldives embrace Muslim as their main religion. The place offers plenty of opportunities for shopping and one must be careful dealing with reptile skins and skins of other animals, as the law forbids sale of these and you might be in serious trouble if caught.

Maldives National Museum

Situated in the palace at Sultan Park known for exuberant fauna and flora in Male, Maldives National Museum is very different when compared to those present worldwide and is pretty interesting if you spare some time. It showcases coral sculptures, pre-Islamic period items, different wooden carvings and local musical instruments.

Scuba Diving

This is known as the best spots for scuba diving, probably in the planet. Dive sites offered are plenty, and the experience is amazing when underwater. The best way to go scuba diving is when on a cruise or boat ride around the islands with the necessary equipments and appropriate facilities. Diving sites are aplenty to be explored. Most famous of them is Huvadhoo Kandoo located at South of the coral reefs also known as 1-1/2-degree channel.


After being given the green signal as a global surfing site, Maldives hosts various international surfing competitions now. Promotion of surfing has increased the nation’s popularity to a greater extent. Some of the resorts even organize trips for surfers through boat rides for opportunistic surfing. One of the good surfing sites is Gaaf Dhaal.

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