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Bring your team together – where to go on an integration trip?

The atmosphere in the workplace has a massive influence on the team’s effectiveness. If coworkers have mutual respect, they perform their tasks much better, achieving their business goals faster. What to do to build a harmonious team? Integration is the key to success! Spending time together outside work will strengthen employees’ bonds and let them get to know each other better, which is especially important with newly hired staff. How to properly organize a corporate event? And where is the best place to go on an integration trip? We hasten to explain!

Why should you organize integration trips for employees?

As mentioned, integration trips are a perfect opportunity to unite the team. A few days spent together in a more relaxed atmosphere enable employees to build lasting relations, which later translate into their duties. Moreover, it will let you destress and relieve tension – properly organized business trips will make your employees forget their problems and everyday work. As a result, their motivation to perform much more effectively and generate more profits will grow.

The perfect place for an integration trip – do we have a winner?

You must see to several factors when organizing an integration trip for employees. One of the most important comprises the selection of the place. If beautiful landscapes, fun attractions, and relaxation are what you are interested in, Lemon Resort Spa, located in Grodek nad Dunajcem, will be a perfect choice. Famous for its magnificent views, beautiful Polish nature, and many amenities, the place allows you to organize a trip that your employees will remember for years.

The boutique hotel offers a lot of attractions, including a SPA zone, a games area, a swimming pool and a sauna. To add more, you can use a perfectly accommodated conference room with modern IT equipment for a brief business meeting. After a day of excitement, you can also enjoy dinner at the Hotel’s restaurant with a menu that includes tasty and intriguing dishes (meat, vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free).

Business events in Poland. Plenty of attractions at Lemon Resort Spa

If you want to spend your integration trip actively, Lemon Resort Spa offers a variety of attractions. There is, for instance, an electric catamaran – extremely comfortable water equipment – whose cockpit hides many secrets. For the more adventurous, there is also a motorboat, allowing you to cruise freely among every corner of the beautiful Lake Roznow.

If your employees prefer slightly less extreme attractions, they can use the infinity pool and relax in the water or watch their colleagues from the deckchairs standing around. At the special request of guests, Lemon Resort Spa also provides dedicated treatment packages tailored to their individual needs. Survey employees to fully meet their expectations and ensure they rest at the highest level.

To conclude, organizing an integration trip is quite a challenge. And although it requires much time and planning, the results of such can exceed your wildest expectations. Choose a place that provides both a business zone and many attractions. That way, you will surely meet your employees’ needs. And regularly organized integration trips in places like Lemon Resort Spa will help you build a dedicated team ready for the toughest challenges. Remember: work and wellness go hand in hand!

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