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Attractions in Australia, Adelaide

No matter where you go in Australia, you bound to have an exciting holiday tour. I do not think if there is any type of attraction missing here. Stunning your eyes and captivating your minds, the attractions in Australia are scattered throughout the country. In this visit, I planned to explore Adelaide.

Among all the attractions in Australia, Adelaide, the capital of the South Australia, is known for its parklands, gardens, thrilling adventures, cafes, and restaurants. I first went to the Adelaide Hills Abseiling Adventure whose attractions are the Morialta National Park, Onkaparinga Gorge, or Bluff in the picturesque Victor Harbor. Starting from $99, take the experience of descending a vertical cliff with ropes. The Cleland Wildlife Park in the bush land of the Mt. Lofty is where you can stroll freely to spot its wildlife along with the Australia’s native birds, animals, and reptiles. However, this needs registration and fees here are $59 for adult and $29.50 for child.


The Adelaide Arcade off the Rundle Mall in the city centre is simply a shopping paradise with its 100 different stores. This mall boasts an old-fashioned style that is also nice to look at. It is made with more than two million bricks, glass, ornamental cast iron, and marble slabs. For some thrilling flight, be at the Adelaide Biplanes on the Colville Road at Aldinga Airfield. You will love to have Waco Biplane flight at 1,000 feet above the lovely south coast or to take up a Tiger Moth flight to be near the sunset.

Escape the hustling city side and experience the tranquility at the Adelaide Botanic Garden nestled in the North Terrace. This is a themed garden fully packed with the Australian ornamental plants. For tourists, the main attraction is the reinstated deco Palm House, a glasshouse of cactus and tender garden.

In the same vicinity, do explore one the top 10 business centres on the Earth called the Adelaide Convention Centre featuring the best facilities for meeting arrangements. It can accommodate 30 conferences for 3500 people and a party for 5000 folks. It is amazing to know that 3 lakhs people utilize these amenities annually. Visitors are stunned by just looking at its 1 lakhs sq. m floor that survives in spite of no pillars.

To discover the city at its best, catch a bicycle from the City Bikes Scheme at 111 Franklin Street and take a tour of the city centre, parklands, broad boulevards, and the busy market area. With this free scheme to pedal upon any street in the city, do take the opportunity to pedal on the scenic trail along the River Torrens.

For most fun-filled activities, head to the Adelaide Festival Centre in the King William Street. This is where you can explore theatre, dance, music, opera, visual art, markets, and children’s theatre. It is also the site of three annual festivals: the Adelaide Cabaret Festival (June), OzAsia Festival (August/September), and Adelaide International Guitar Festival (November/December).

Explore the Japan’s culture without going to Japan by visiting the Adelaide Himeji Garden between South Terrace and Glen Osmond Road. This garden is the symbol of friendship between Adelaide and the Japan’s Himeji region since 1985. If you are a golf fan, the Adelaide Shores Golf Park at the West Beach is the best place to be. There are two 18-hole courses in the Adelaide Shores reserve.

One of fresh seasonal produce for eating is available at the Adelaide Showground Farmers Market Wayville. Do not miss a visit to this pulsating place where farmers are ever ready to invite you.

The Adelaide Oval is the most picturesque test cricket ground in the world. Also, the raising St Peter’s Cathedral deserves your attention.

As a historic legacy and major landmark, the Adelaide Town Hall at 128 King William Street is worth a visit. The main attractions here are its elegant architecture, cultural interiors, and popular acoustics. Locally and nationally, this is where a myriad of events are held such as civic programs, corporate or private functions, conferences, and concerts along with dining.

For people of all ages, the Adelaide Zoo in the Frome Road is the perfect site. This is where you will meet over 1,800 animals and 300 species of native mammals, birds, reptiles, and fish. The main attractions here are the South East Asian Rainforest, Seal Bay, Australian Rainforest Wetlands, Nocturnal House, Reptile House, Little Creatures, and the Children’s Zoo.

Do take up the Adelaide’s Underwater Heritage Trail in Esplanade. Here, you can explore the four shipwrecks in Gulf St Vincent namely: the Grecian, Zanoni, Star of Greece, and Norma. They are said to hold several vessels that in past, were played a vital role in the trade and development of South Australia. This is one of the top attractions in Australia.