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Best Beach Vacations – The US Virgin Islands

The economy is slowly starting to recover, and that means that the long dreamed-of “Holiday of a Lifetime” may now be within your reach. More and more families are looking into taking US Virgin Islands beach vacations, and with good reason. A beach getaway to the US Virgin Islands is not just a relaxing holiday, it’s a dream vacation. You can enjoy relaxation, pampering, sunbathing, games and activities all in one place. For more information visit

Every beach holiday can offer sun and sand. What sets the US Virgin Islands apart from other destinations is the facilities and the atmosphere. There’s no need to settle for second best when the US Virgin Islands can give you clean water, pristine beaches, great weather and friendly people. You can relax and enjoy soaking up the sun during the day, and the party atmosphere at night, for the ultimate relaxing beach experience.

Hibiscus Beach Resort

If you enjoy water sports then you will definitely be at home with a US Virgin Islands beach break. There are plenty of watersports to choose from, pitched at all levels of experience. Whether you’re a skilled surfer, a savvy sailor, or a complete newcomer to the water, you can go sailing, fishing, swimming or exploring in confidence. You can rent sailing gear, take diving lessons, or charter a boat for your own use so that you can come and go around the islands as you please. If you’d rather have someone else take over the boat for you, then you can go on tours that will show you the ocean and its wonders while you just relax and enjoy the show.

There is a huge number of hotels to choose from in the Virgin Islands. The best deals are available at the hotels a short walk from the beach, but it’s worth paying for a beachfront property if you’re the sort of person that appreciates a nice view. Here are some high-quality resorts:
From boating to sun-lounging, beachfront games and shopping, there’s something for everyone on the Virgin Islands.