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Explore and Unravel: Ardrossan

Ardrossan is one of the towns in Ayrshire, Scotland.


These are the most recommended places to see when in Ardrossan.

  • The Wind turbines located near the hillside of the town of Juxtaposed.
  • The South beach which is most popular for day trippers from Glasgow. It is located close to the amenities and pubs as well. This place is packed with people during good days.
  • Barony St. John and Peter’s Church which are good for tourists who loves old and architecturally designed structures or buildings. This can likewise be found in South Beach.
  • The Ardrossan castle which was detroyed by William Wallace and his men. Such castle remained as a landmark until Olivier Cromwell occupied it. Dismantled it and sent its stones and used it to construct a  castle in Ayr.
  • North Beach which is a wonderful place to hang around with and watch the setting of the sun every afternoon.




There are lots of things to do in Ardrossan, you can explore Arran’s isles. Or the Auchenharvie Leisure center. You can prefer to stroll and explore the Holm Plantation Site or if you prefer to go to the Bowling Clun instead and play with your friends which is located in South Beach. If you’re not so much into strolling or walking then you can choose to some shopping for souvenirs among the few shops that they have in the Area.

And after a long day of strolling and shopping as well as exploring, you can treat yourself with a fine dine in cuisine.  Choose among the liost of fine restaurants ib the area such as the Café Palazzo, Albert’s Chicken and Fish bar, Jaipur, Cecchini’s at the marina. The Laurieston Hotel and a lot more fine restaurants.

Though Ardrossan is just a small area to take your tour, you’ll be assured that you’ll enjoy the rest of your trip and vacation in such untapped and untainted place called Ardrossan.


Get in

Those people who often get to visit Ardrossan are those who are going to the Isdle of Arran.

There are several other modes of transportation that you can choose from in going to Ardrossan, ranging from Cars, Bus, Trains, and Boats and even by Plane.

If you wish to visit the place it would be best for you to find a travel or a tour agency first and there transact the kind of trip that you intend to take.

Get around

Upon arriving at Ardrossan, walking is the recommended way in exploring such place. It is not a big place and it’s located up on the high Road/Park House Road, thus there’s not too much tourist that visits the place. However, if you find it tiring to walk, you can ride a bus since there are many  local busses in the area.