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Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge has become a symbol of San Francisco. It is an engineering marvel. It is widely photographed. It is the outcome of the vision and persistence of man. It serves as the entry point to San Francisco Bay. Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco has a rich history.


Prior to the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco, ferry was the only way to get to the San Francisco Bay. The bay was packed with ferries in the early twentieth century. Joseph Strauss, an illustrious engineer and builder of bridges, was convinced that the Golden Gate needed a bridge. This was in the 1920s.

He faced opposition from many groups, who were selfish for their own reasons. The military department and railroads opposed the construction. The construction was also a challenge for the engineering department. Winds in the area clock a remarkable 60 miles an hour. The ocean currents are strong and sweep across the rugged canyon. The construction coincided with the onset of the Great Depression. This led to a paucity of funds. The San Francisco Bay Bridge was already being constructed. Strauss continued in his persistence, and voters in San Francisco sanctioned $35 million in treasury bonds for the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco.

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The bridge is famous for its art-deco design. The International Red color has become its hallmark. Construction work began in 1933. The project neared completion in 1937, which has become a date to remember in the history of San Francisco. Strauss excelled in safety of buildings. He is considered to be a pioneer, with several innovations such as hard hats and sobriety tests. While the Bay Bridge lost 24 lives, the Golden Gate Bridge lost a meager 12. This is a significant accomplishment at a time when one man died for every million dollars spent in construction activity.

You can photograph the bridge from different angles. The following are some spectacular views of the Golden Gate Bridge.

From the Southern Side

  •     South Vista Point: The view from the bridge on San Francisco side offers the best ‘postcard’ views. You can get there by the last SF Exit or by Lincoln Avenue. The bus stop located above the parking lot will give you a wonderful photograph. Mornings are the best times to visit.
  •     Fort Point: The fort located at the bottom of the south end of the bridge is historic. It offers wonderful opportunities for photographs, with the bridge slightly receding in the background. Travelers can access it from Lincoln Avenue. Some of the views from the fort are breathtaking. The best times to visit are in the mornings.
  •     Lincoln Avenue: The ocean side of Lincoln Avenue offers spectacular views of the bridge. Travelers would have to turn right at south vista point and then onto Lincoln. Take a photograph from the water level. Keep in mind that Baker Beach is a nude beach. Afternoons are the best times to visit.