Hobart, Tasmania – Sights


Hobart is the capital of the island state of Tasmania. The city is populated by about forty seven thousand inhabitants. It is located at the shore at the origin of the River Derwent, which is located beneath the towering Mount Wellington slopes. The setting is simply perfect and it is simply no surprise that the city is described as among the most beautiful in entire Australia. There are a huge number of attractions in Hobart. Hobart was the second city settlement in Australia, and was established in 1806. The city is a port and is known for having a flavor of seamanship. The harbor is Hobart’s life blood.


Constitution dock

The Constitution dock is home to numerous wharves and warehouses that date back to centuries. These have been restaurants and pubs. Having a meal at the waters edge is a great experience, with a host of sights. The world famous Sydney to Hobart Yacht race has its finishing point here.

Tasman bridge

Tasman Bridge is Hobart’s most well known structure. The bridge is 1, 395 meters, even longer that the Sydney Harbor Bridge. It is built across the River Derwent and connects the eastern shore of the city, where the airport is located to the city center.

Salamanca place

Salamance Place is known for its beautiful sandstone warehouses. These have been redesigned into restaurants, art galleries, shops and cafes. The location simply abounds in charm. The open air Salamanca market is organized on Saturday mornings starting at 8:30 am.