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Las Vegas Hotels

You will never be in want to activities in Las Vegas and if you are type to sit glued to your television watching every romantic movie on the shelf and munching on pop corn then it is a sheer waste of money to come to Vegas. Vegas is the city of action where nights are enjoyed till the wee hours of the morning or where partying never stops nor does the flow of money. It is the original “sin city”in Amercia. The city keeping in sync with its reputation of glitz, glamour, style, and luxury has some of the finest Las Vegas Hotels. Some of these hotels have attached casinos increasing their customers manifold. Again some function solely on the casinos, others on entertainment while others bank on fooding and accommodation. You will find they have either very stylish short names or exotic names like the Luxor Hotel and Casino, or the Paris hotel, Vegas, and the MG Grant.

What makes these Las Vegas Hotels more attractive is that the whole of Vegas is actually a desert city. That so much of luxury and opulence can thrive within the barren desert is a revelation for most of the tourists. Most of these luxury hotels and casinos fly down exotic things to make their hotel the best. Some of these hotels are so huge that they house 5000-7000 rooms each. It is in downtown Vegas that most of these luxury and deluxe hotels are situated. Casino and nightlife thrives here. The people generally go for blackjack, slot machines, craps games, and baccarat. The cuisine is these hotels are the best prepared by chefs all over the world. Everything here is theme based and down to the last staff on the hotel maintains this theme.

Las Vegas, Hotel Casino New York
Las Vegas, Hotel Casino New York

The entertainment factor is ever strong here and you will see numerous Cirque de Soleil shows here. While gambling in the hotel all drinks that you ask for are free. These hotels spend a considerable amount in the PR factor and will do anything to soar up in the popularity chart. If one has arranges for a bike show, the other would quickly organize a dance show of Russian dancers flying them straight from Moscow. If the Bellagio has an art gallery the Mirrage has the design of an erupting “volcano” with a enviable aquarium to boast of. The Venetian Hotel and Resort arranges for a Gondola trip or view lions at the MGM Grand. As you see the hotels has more in their kitties than mere hotel facilities as we know of. Entertainment shows here are conducted by professionals who are full time employees of the hotel.

Las Vegas Hotels have the most amazing pools- not only are they huge and loaded with different facilities, there are pools  for different section of the age group like family pools, adult pools with slimmer dress codes, in pool bars where live music, hula contest and other features makes it a haven for tourists. Some of the famous hotels here are the Bellagio, Caesar’s Palace, and Planet Hollywood. However if you are traveling on a shoe string budget then there are budget and mid ranged accommodation for you as well.