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London’s Architectural Wonders

No city is as freely endowed with marvels of architecture at every corner as London. The city is known for being a center for arts and history.

The numerous buildings and historical structures in the city stand in picture book testimony to the historical significance as well as the culture of the region. The place is worth visiting for history and art enthusiasts.

One of the most noted as well as among the most ancient of London’s Buildings is the Westminster Abbey. The abbey has been the site where British Monarchs get coroneted, right since AD 1066. Royal Weddings also take place here. This is one of the main centers of history.

Houses of Parliament at the River Thames in London

The Palace of Westminster is located within close distance to the River Thames and Westminster Bridge. This is where the Houses of Parliament and Government meetings are taken place. Foreign tourists are not generally allowed in, but there are certain ways to.

Buckingham Palace is of course a world famous destination. The reigning monarch has been staying here since 1837, when Queen Victoria stayed here first. More than fifty thousand travelers come to see the palace in a year. Do not miss the changing of the guards event at all.

St Paul’s Cathedral is located at the pea of the Ludgate Hill and is the second in terms of size in the entire United Kingdom. The dome here is the highest in the world.