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Parícutin is a volcano located in the Mexican state of Michoacán. The whole area of Michoacán-Guanajuato of Mexico lies in the volcanic field. This volcano first erupted in 1943 and then a series of eruptions followed till 1956.The first year saw the most of the volcanic activities and cone formation. The cone grew almost to 1,100 feet feet. In 8 years it grew to 290 feet. However it is not so much the volcanic activities that is into focus. It is but obvious that volcanoes would erupt in a volcanic field. The death of three people resulted in the area from the violent lightning that emitted from Parícutin.

The history of the discovery of the Parícutin is quite famous amongst tourists. In 1943 a crack was discovered in the cornfield of a farmer in Mexico. The trees shivered and the earth beneath the feet behaved queerly. The exterior of the earth lifted abruptly to a height of 150 feet. Fine dust was erupted gradually. A whistling sound was coming out from the Earth. The distinguishing smell of sulphur was also present. In the night lava flowed through the field and overnight what was the agricultural land of the farmer converted to the Parícutin volcano.


The volcano is named after the community of Parricutin. The whole village was deserted. In its whole history of eruptions and volcanic lava explosion only three people were killed and that not from the heat of the eruptions but by the associated lightning from it. However the volcano was harmful to livestock and wildlife in many ways. About 4000 ranch animals were killed and 500 horses died due to inhaling poisonous gases.The humans also developed breathing problems after this. The lava flow also destroyed the agricultural field near the Volcano. Now it is a premier tourist destination in Mexico. The rural setting, zig zag ways, and the solitude of the place attracts many a traveler.


Volcanists have studied volcanoes world over-their birth, existence and subsequent death. But that is over a period of billions and billions of years. The concept of a volcano starting in this century, erupting violently in the next eight years and its subsequent death left them awestruck.