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Planning a Surfing Vacation in Australia

Are you really looking for a surfing vacation in Australia? Here are some effortless tips on successfully planning a surfing vacation in Australia, which also tell you about the great destinations along with their comparison.

Above all, first you need to determine as to what type of a surfer you are. Are you a beginner, intermediate, or an expert? Further, what is the level of your surfing speed – fast or slow? Australia caters to all kinds of surfers. So, take the maximum benefit out of your money and planning by first knowing your skill in this area so that you chose the right surfing destination.

Australia surfing

Many tourists have different opinions about Australia as a surfing paradise. This is in context with the zones of sandy beaches. The surfers’ and the Australians’ have until now debated a lot on which zone of great beaches are the best surfing destinations. This argument is prominently regarding the marina and beaches of New South Wales and Queensland, which are the two eastern states. If you opt for New South Wales, the most popular Bondi Beach is preferred by the surfers from all across the globe. On the other hand, Queensland offers the beach called Surfer’s Paradise with superb waves and ease of use throughout the year. So, there is no doubt that even this beach is increasingly becoming a leading tourist landmark for both surfers and non-surfers. So, now the next decision to be made is regarding the destination that is appropriate for you.

Inquiring about the right questions will actually solve your problem of where to go. First, which beach is good for non-experienced or experienced surfing? Next, do I want to be along with the host of tourists and surfers or a one to one basis is what I am looking for, where one to one means with the waves only? So, for the private surfing, you might like to go for the travel packages to Tasmania or Victoria, Here, the beaches are with rowdy surf with not much tourists seen around.

Australia surfing

For the answers of all the questions, look for the frequently updated information on the This is really a great source of information online and that too a reliable one from where you can know whatever you want. In addition, each individual Australia state has its own Web site where all about the beaches and other relevant information can be known.

Once you know about the beaches that suits you, your next question would be about the best time of year. From January to April, the beaches feature tallest waves and hottest waters. Further, if you really are a real ardent aficionado of surfing rather than just being a keen tourist, come in between the specified months. This is really a great time for surfing. However, if you are looking for private surfing, you have many options to choose from during the off-season – May to November. Almost all WCT and WQS events occur between November and April and that too most of them are in Queensland. But, let me tell you that the most admirable fact about surfing in Australia is that the waves welcome tourists and surfers throughout the year.

Australia surfing

Now, you know about the beaches you want to explore and the ideal time of year to come. The next query is regarding the booking. Check out for the different Web sites, travel agencies, and ticket agents that can offer ideal surfer’s packages or only airfare and hotel stays. Do look for all types of schemes from all these varied vendors because the more the comparison, the better the opportunity you can grasp. I mean you can make for a budget trip where your accommodations can be arranged at some nearest destination from the beach that you want to hit.

Keep in mind that besides a passport, all tourists heading to Australia must carry either a visa or Electronic Travel Authority (ETC). You can get this ETC by applying either online or approaching any of the travel agents who are always ready to assist you.

Australia surfing

Is something else remaining? Yes, the surfing equipments! If you have them, you can surely carry; but check with the airport luggage rules and extra charge for that.