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Reasons to Visit Bali: Inspirational Food

Over the past decade Bali has become my home away from home. I often dream of her when we are not together. Like my spiritual mistress, she brings life back to my soul and introduces me to an alternative way of life. Every adventure to the island gives me another reason for my next visit – its perpetual motion!

The island has a knack of opening your mind to unforgettable experiences. Whether it’s a journey into the unknown, the Balinese culture, the people, the street food, the beaches, or your first ritual ceremony.

Ancient temple at Bedugul Bali
Ancient temple at Bedugul, Bali

Why not indulge? Staying in luxurious villas can only enhance your visit and you won’t beat the rates in Bali. Grand private villas in Ubud with infinity pool and staff would cost you twofold in other parts of the world. Bali is the place to experience the best life has to offer. Treat yourself, you deserve it!

Why Visit Bali?

My career has driven down many roads. In my twenties after graduating from university with a master’s degree in mechanical engineering. I was highly motivated for success. I spent 10 years in the industry before I realized I was bored with my life and decided to pursue my passion in culinary arts.

After being accepted to Culinary Institute of America. My wife and I departed San Francisco, including my lucrative career in engineer, and moved across the country to Hyde Park, NY. After a few years in New York, I finished with a bachelor’s degree from the CIA before setting out to Boston and starting a new career in hospitality.

Bali Nusa Lembongan Beach

Throughout my thirties, we lived in Boston while launching two restaurants. One very successful restaurant and one very unsuccessful restaurant. We worked extremely hard during these years. So hard it put tremendous strain on our relationship and even more strain on our physical health. We learned and experienced so much, good and bad, from our hospitality years. We’d accomplished what we set out to do while making our mark on the Boston food scene. It was time to move on to our next phase. The stage was set for a simpler life. It was the perfect time to move back to my wife’s homeland of Australia and settle down to a slower pace. We wanted to enjoy life again.

It didn’t take long to figure out that Australia can be just as chaotic as the United States. I was starting to feel the pressures of ‘keeping up with the Jones’ and I hated that feeling. Always have and always will! I wanted to find my inner peace, balance, that unique magic for my soul.
Australia is great, but too similar to the United States.

Looking for my inspiration. But where would I find it?

My saving grace came shortly after we moved overseas. A holiday to Indonesia and this tiny little speck on the map called Bali! I’d heard of the island before, I knew it was popular destination but I’d never visited first hand. My only experience with Bali were stories from mates and travel advertisements seen in the travel section of the newspaper.

My wife surprised me with a private villa in Seminyak. We quickly fell in love with our private villa with an infinity pool you only dream about! Even better were the staff that served use gracefully throughout our stay. It was the perfect way to start our culinary adventure on the island.

Hindu temple at Geretek, Bali
Hindu temple at Geretek, Bali

The Food

Obviously, thus far, you know I’m the human version of a Labrador retriever that is completely motivated by my tastebuds. Bali has become the essential proverbial doggy biscuit in my world!

Besides the wonderful people, the festivals, ceremonies, and the overall Balinese culture. My inspiration has been fulfilled in the Balinese kitchen.

The geographical location of the island is a mecca for growing tropical fruits, vegetables, spices and my favorite- coffee. All which can be toured while visiting the island of the gods. I’m not one for fine dining option, with pristine china, silver, linen table clothes anymore, I’ve been there and done that. I want my food to be as real as the Balinese people. More than just a plate of tasty food, I want the experience as well.

Bali is full of options when it comes to cuisine. From world class trendy contemporary chefs to Indonesian street vendors. There’s something for everyone in Bali. However, I recommend getting your feet wet and indulge in the Balinese culture which centers around food or what I call ‘Soul Food’.

It’s now become my inspiration. Seeking out tiny new warungs situated on the beach of Jimbaran Bay, or warungs undiscovered in the tranquil setting overlooking the rice fields of Ubud. Sit back a long lunch in a funky Seminyak street warung with a Bingtang and smell the open flames of coconut husk while Balinese chefs cook fresh seafood caught literally hours ago. Life doesn’t get any better. Finding these hidden gems like Sweet Orange Warung in Ubud has become my forte since making Bali my home away from home.

Discover the taste of Bali and your next tasty meal on the Island of the Gods!