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Sights in Gran Canaria

The island can be proud not only of its astonishing capital city of Las Palmas and well established resorts in the south. There are many more beautiful cities and sights in Gran Canaria. These are some recommendations.

Tafira Alta. It is a small town, full of beautiful villas of rich local and foreign people. However, it is a great place to feel an original colonial atmosphere.

Caldera de Bandama is one of the biggest craters of its kind in the world, with a diameter reaching about 1,200 meters. A not so high mountain (574 meters) brings you one of the best sights in Gran Canaria, including the whole city of Las Palmas and central part of the island.

Santa Brígida is an old town with attractive narrow streets. It is a home town of the best red wine of the island – Vino del Monte.

Teror is the religious capital of the island with the traditional Canarian architecture. It’s worth visiting the main town square and the church named after Nuestra Señora del Pino, the island’s Patron Saint.

Arucas is a beautiful old town and third in importance in Gran Canaria, surrounded by banana plantations, which helped the city to grow and develop. The Neo-Gothic Basilica of San Juan is a must to see in Arucas. The city has the largest rum factory in Gran Canaria and also the museum where you can find out more about this drink.

Guía is a town famous for its cheese – queso de flor, made of cow’s and goat’s milk, flavoured with the flower of the blue thistle. About 5 kilometres from the town there is the Cenobio de Valerón – a group of about 300 pre-Hispanic caves.

Gáldar is a town situated on the foot of volcano and known as a former centre of the Guanche civilisation. Centuries-old dragon tree and Cueva Pintada, a cave decorated by the original island’s inhabitants, are the main sights of Gáldar.

Puerto de las Nieves – a small fishing village, which attracts tourists with the Ermita de las Nieves chapel and the famous Dedo de Dios (Finger of God) – a volcanic rock rising out of the sea.

Tejeda. Althoug it is a small town, but being situated on the mountain side Tejeda brings one of the most beautiful sights in Gran Canaria, including the Bentayga Rock.

Pico de las Nieves is the highest point of Gran Canaria reaching 1949 metres and offering impressive sights. However, it is often misty here.

Pico de las Nieves
Pico de las Nieves

The dams. Among the best sights in Gran Canaria it is definitely worth to mention the dams. There are many man-made water reservoirs on the island which became a popular tourist destination. Some of the most beautiful are Chira and Cueva de las Niñas, Presa de Los Pérez, Hornos, El Mulato, Soria, Tirajana, Siberio, Ayagaures, Paralillo and Presa de Lugarejos.

Pinar de Tamadaba is the largest island’s pine forest which offers one of the most spectacular sights in Gran Canaria as it stands at a height of 1,300 metres.

Santa Lucía is a small village about 700 metres above sea level with white buildings and palm trees. Visitors are attracted by the Church of Santa Lucía and The Museum of Guanche Culture.

Agüimes is a small town attracting tourists with its beautiful houses and narrow streets. The Basilica of San Sebastián is also worth a visit.

Telde. It is the second largest city of the island. Here you can find some of the best examples of Canarian architecture, such as Church of San Juan Bautista or historic part of the town –San Francisco.

It doesn’t mean these are the only sights in Gran Canaria that are worth a visit. You are going to find many more interesting and fabulous places while travelling through the island. The best Gran Canaria resorts are listed on Luxury-Resort-Guide. If you need more ideas on things to do in Gran Canaria visit Single Tripadvisor or the official website of Grand Canaria Tourism Authority.

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