The Land of Mixed Cultures – Tunisia

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Traveling is often triggered by passion or just through instincts where the latter has more chances of gifting you something unexpected and more than you bargained for. Traveling first of all is pleasing to the mind, but some are really captivating and remain forever in our hearts. Tunisia is one such destination that carves deep impressions onto one’s mind. The sunny beaches in Tunisia are flocked by plenty of foreign tourists worldwide, particularly the vast majority belonging to Europe, perhaps evoking the possibility of a distant link between Africa and Europe, and the history pages were right. Tunisia’s rich heritage attributable to its past history and culture makes it a must visit place.

hotel atlas royal tunisia

Traveling to Tunisia has its own rewards as the attraction-filled nation has plenty to offer and quite pleasurable too. When it comes to attractions, Tunisia boasts of a rich culture, history as well as great architecture. The beaches are serene filled with blue waters and neatly maintained with white sands all around.

The capital of Tunisia is Tunis. Tunis is a well connected city and easily reachable. Attractions in Tunis are aplenty namely Ville Nouvelle, Medina Atrea as well as French Quarters. Ville Nouvelle houses the Saint Vincent de Paul Cathedral, which is very unique that portrays a combination of Byzantine, North African and Gothic architectural styles.

Tunisia also features plenty of archeological sites belonging to the Roman era, and these include Sanctuary of Tophet, an ancient place where sacrificial rituals were practiced. The amphitheater is a true architectural delight as well as National Museum that portrays the history of Tunisia in greater detail and depth.


Furthermore, there’re a lot of places that make up for a lifetime experience in Tunisia. If you’re connected and interested in history, you should really visit the Carthage ruins; however, the condition of which is satisfactory, but provides a way for you to really imagine what might have happened here years ago.