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Things to do in Bali: A Complete Holiday Experience

There are umpteen things to do in Bali. While in Bali, learn more about the culture of the place. The majority of the things to do in Bali involve fun and relaxation. From surfing and fine dining to shopping, there is something in it for everyone. The scenery in Bali is awesome. The landscapes are lush-green and the sunsets are beautiful.

Bali is an island in Indonesia, situated between Java and Lombok. Mount Agung is one of the highest regions in Bali. It is a site for an active volcano, which last erupted in 1963. Mount Agung is a popular tourist destination.

Bali coast
Bali coast

Bali has beautiful turquoise waters, which are home to amazing coral reefs. The southern regions of the island gives you access to white-sand beaches, while the northern and western regions allow you to step on black sand.
Some of the popular things to do in Bali are listed below:

Uluwatu Sunset

The temple of Uluwatu is situated in the southwestern tip of Bali. Some of the most splendid sunsets can be viewed here. You have to pay to enter the temple. The traditional dance can be viewed at an extra fee. The temple is home to many island monkeys, who are known to ward off evil spirits. Guests visiting the temple are advised against wearing jewelry and shiny clothing as they can serve as an attraction to monkeys.

Penelokan Kintamani

Hiking at Penelokan Kintamani is one of the most important things to do in Bali. To get to the mountain top, you will have to spend at least a couple of hours. The sights offered make this trip worthwhile. From the mountain, you can view the splendor of the four lakes in Bali. Thousands of tourists throng this site. The views offered are ideal for photographers. Penelokan Kintamani is a conservation site because of the varied and rich flora and fauna.

Gunung Kawi

Of all the monuments in Bali, Gunung Kawi is the largest and most ancient. The complex is home to a Hindu Temple. The temple has a rich history and tradition. The temple dates back to the eleventh century. It is ideal for relaxation and meditation. Every nook and corner of the temple abounds in spirituality. The temple offers memorable souvenirs and trinkets.

Goa Gajah

Goa Gajah is also known as ‘elephant cave’. It abounds in streams and pools of water. Visitors are expected to wear sarongs as a mark of respect. The temple dates back to the ninth century. The carvings at the temple serve as a great source of inspiration. Various demons and creatures have been depicted in the carvings. The carvings may have done to ward off evil spirits. The elephant served as a primary figure, and, hence, the cave is named after it.