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Tourist Attractions in Berlin

Berlin is where you can find the typical German tourist attractions. What deserves to be a significant art of your visit is sightseeing. To explore most of the tourist attractions in Berlin, just opting for a bus tour with a guide is really an ideal way to know the most about Berlin. This was what I felt during my first visit to this great German capital. I would recommend taking the ‘Berlin Welcome Card’ that provides very big discounts of 50% on museum and sight admissions along with free inner-city trains and buses. Get this saving card from the tourist offices, ticket offices, and a few hotels. Here are those tourist attractions in Berlin, which I visited.

Berlin, Brandenburger Gate
Berlin, Brandenburger Gate

The Brandenburg Gate is a must to see among all the tourist attractions in Berlin. Located behind the great Berlin Wall, this is a stunning and symbolic structure that is the only surviving gate in the city. Originally made from sandstone with 12 Doric columns, its six columns hold a 36-foot oblique beam that will remind you of the propylaeum of the Athenian Acropolis. On its top, an impressive statue of the Goddess of Victory looking in the east towards the downtown is seen. Traffic is not allowed so you can comfortably stand and explore its beauty. Adjacent is the new Pariser Platz that is an elegant square, which is accessible via the beautiful Unter den Linden Boulevard.

The Berlin Wall is the historic attraction, which no one would like to miss. Built in 1961, this wall was built to stop the emigration between East and West Berlin. However, many still could pass this wall, while several had lost their life while passing.

The Checkpoint Charlie is a shrine dedicated to the wall’s reminiscence. It was actually the only crossing point in the wall for 30 years splitting West and East Berlin. For the tourists, there is museum called Haus am Checkpoint Charlie. Do visit the soldier’s post and take a photograph under the border sign. Here, the documentary films are featured throughout the day and are based on history – ‘Mit dem Wind nach Westen’ every two hours and ‘Mein Kampf’ at 7.30 pm. The charges are EUR12.50 (adults) and EUR7.50 (scholars/students).

Again dedicated to the Berlin Wall, the Eastside Gallery houses its remains and is regarded as the largest open-air art gallery on the planet. Here, you will see the well preserved longest section of the wall, which stretches from the Ostbahnhof station to the Oberbaumbrucke. On this long wall, some 118 artists from 21 countries have shown their talent that has become a Berlin landmark. The ideal paintings include Dimitri Vrubel’s Brotherly Kiss and Gunther Shaefer’s Fatherland.

The Story of Berlin is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Berlin. This is an unusual exhibition where you can explore the history of this German capital right from its discovery to the fall of the Wall. This story is split into 25 themed rooms where you can gain information about the feelings, thoughts, and living style of the citizens. Check out the nuclear bunker made during the Cold War in the 1970s. I recommend taking a guided tour that is offered at each hour, the last being at 6 pm. The visiting hours are 10 am to 8 pm and the admission fee is EUR9.80 (adults) and EUR3.50 (children aged 6-13).

The LEGOLAND Discovery Center is a new attraction that is regarded as the first indoor LEGOLAND on Earth. Take up this exciting tour of colorful land, innovation, and learning.

Check out for the fun factory where you can see how the real LEGO bricks are produced, a 4-D cinema show, prospects to make your own creations, Miniland Berlin, a themed ride, and more. The timings are 10 am to 5 pm and the admission fee is EUR14.75 (adults) and EUR11.75 (children 3-11).

The Schloss Charlottenburg Palace, the largest palace in the city, is a beautiful 18th century baroque building. It was built as the summer home for Sophie Charlotte who was the wife of Elector Frederick III, the first Prussian king. Holding old and new wings, the charming interiors hold art wonders and the gardens offer a mausoleum, pavilion, and the Belvedere boasting the porcelain museum. Kindly note that this palace is closed on Mondays. Otherwise, the timings are Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm. Check out for the timings of the new wing. The charges are Old palace at EUR10 and new wing at EUR6 along with an audio guide.