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Tourist Attractions in Malaysia

Welcome to the truly Asian country! Malaysia is a richly diverse nation covering a group of islands all together encircling a miscellaneous hodgepodge of traditions and religions. This means that you can expect all kinds of tourist attractions in Malaysia and that too in great numbers. The absolute diversity of the attractions is the major draw for the tourists to visit the highly advanced capital city of Kuala Lumpur, tropical island of Langkawi, colonial Georgetown, hill stations of Cameron Highlands, a multitude of perfect beaches, National Parks, and the oldest tropical rainforests on the planet. But, these are only a few to tell you about the nation’s popularity on the tourist circuit.

On my first visit, I could explore only a few major destinations in Malaysia due to less time. This includes the in and around areas of the capital city and the Langkawi island.

Kuala Lumpur shopping area
Kuala Lumpur shopping area

Kuala Lumpur is a big bustling capital where the Malays, Chinese, Indian, and European cultures walk hand in hand. Among all the tourist attractions in Malaysia, the capital is mainly ignored by the tourists, but it is not worth doing so because there are many worthy tourist attractions of Malaysia here.

I first visited one of the tallest edifices on Earth known as the Petronas Twin Towers of 1453 feet from where you can have some breathtaking views of the city. Spot old mosques, collapsed buildings, and shiny skyscrapers. One more tower I explored was the Menara Kuala Lumpur that is the tallest telecommunication tower in South-East Asia.

The historic heart of Malaysia Merdeka Square is where you can explore a striking landmark called the Sultan Abdul Samad Building unfolding the odd mixture of the Victorian and Moorish architectures. The Tasek Perdana Lake Gardens is very famous among the locals and tourists for picnics and ambling. Here, do look for the Parliament House and the National Monument that is one the largest free-standing edifice on the planet holding a striking brass sculpture. Accessible from the gardens in no time is the National Museum offering a myriad of historical displays. Here, you will appreciate the varied Malaysian architectural styles and craftwork.

The National Mosque is a modern edifice that allures you with its each shinning piece. Flanked by lawns with fountains, this mosque was erected in 1965 whose main dome is an 18-point star to indicate the 13 states of Malaysia and the five central Pillars of Islam. The main prayer hall is so big that it can accommodate 10,000 worshippers. However, only the worshippers can access this hall. One more fascinating mosque is the Friday Mosque on the convergence of the Klang and Gombak rivers. Come here at sunset or during the muezzin’s call for prayer, which reverberates throughout the domes and palm trees.

Shopping and eating attractions are not all lagging behind. Everything from retail opportunities, air-conditioned malls, fine dining restaurants, to local eateries can be found out here.

Some miles away from the city are the popular Batu Caves. These are a group of big natural caves accessible via the descending 272 steps. Religiously, a Hindu shrine dedicated to Lord Subramaniam is present here. Close to this, the Museum Cave is very interesting due to its exhibition of bright statues and murals revealing the characters and scenes of the Hindu mythology.

At 14 miles from the city, the Templar Park gives you an opportunity to trail amidst a well maintained primary rainforest packed with jungle paths, swimming lagoons, and waterfalls. Do come to the new agricultural park of the country at Cherakah in Shah Alam, Selangor where you can enjoy on its big playing area of skateboarding and roller-skating. At some 10 miles is the Forestry Research Institute that is an ecotourism site covering a part of the protected jungle offering many low eco impact trails.

Langkawi is the largest of its kind made from the outcrops of the corals. Situated at some 62 miles from Penang, the island is accessible road, sea, and air. This is solely the one place with great tourist facilities including the duty free shopping ones. With many international hotels, resorts, coves, and lagoons; the island is ideal for all kinds of water sports like swimming, sailing, and scuba diving. Do also visit the Crocodile farm at Kubank Badah that is the home of over 3000 crocodiles.

The Penang island, ‘Pearl of the Orient’, is also a famous tourist destination off the northwest coast. Beaches with resorts around Batu Feringgi are where jet skiing is experienced at its best. Even though much of the beauty has been taken away by the development of resorts and hawkers, this island is still a tropical retreat of palm trees and sandy beaches. Come here via a regular ferry from the Butterworth town.

Well, the list of tourist attractions in Malaysia definitely does not end here. There is still a lot to go!