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Walt Disney World – the most visited vacation resort in the World

Walt Disney in Orlando, Florida, is the biggest entertainment tourist complex in the World. There is not one amusement park in the world that comes near to Disney World’s greatness and quality. There is one thing to point out —we only find Walt Disney World in Orlando, since in Paris, Tokyo and California we find Disney’s parks, but they are called Disneyland and they cannot be compared to Walt Disney World complex’s size or quality. For you to have a picture of this, Disneyland has the size of only one Walt Disney World’s theme park. But it is not only a matter of size; whereas Walt Disney World has 6 parks, Disneyland has only one. Walt Disney World offers accommodation on-site on 3 categories (value, moderate and deluxe).

Walt Disney World, Orlando has a surface of 47 square miles —122 square kilometers— and it is divided into 6 parks. Within these 6 parks we find 4 totally different theme parks —Magic Kingdom, Epcot, MGM Studios and Animal Kingdom— and two aquatic parks —Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach— where you will get wet in new and fantastic experiences. Besides, the complex offers outdoors spaces to relax where you and your family can swim, sail, ride bicycles, walk, etc. And if you are a sport fan, there is a place where great sport events are held. We know this is amazing, but Disney is not amazing: it is magical; therefore, there is even more. There is a huge variety of shops where you can buy and get all the typical Disney World’s souvenirs. For your stay, you can choose between hotels in and outside the complex. Finally, you can find a quiet place to be alone or to be with your partner after a long day with the kids in one of the night clubs.


Since theme parks are the main attraction in the complex, we have dedicated the next section to them. Let’s check the other possibilities a visitor to this fantasy land has. Downtown Disney is a restaurant area with 24 movies theaters decorated in Art Deco style from the 20’s plus a park called Disney Quest which provides technological entertainment in its 5 stories —virtual reality, latest advances, 3D animations and much more. But we are not done yet. La Nouba is a theatrical show performed by the worldwide famous Cirque Du Solei, especially created for Walt Disney World. And, of course, we cannot leave aside Pleasure Island, the place for adults, where all the night clubs and a whole area especially designed for relaxation and distension is located —we adults also like magic.

Take a breath because we still have more. Disney Cruise Line is Disney’s cruise service. You will be able to get on board of fantastic cruises which sail the Caribbean Islands. Obviously, this is carried out in Disney’s style —once on board, there are several activities to do. The cruise is divided into areas according to age to provide the best service and entertainment, whereas there are many activities to do with your family, such as watching Broadway-style shows.


As Walt Disney World is thought to receive and attend everybody, it has what everybody needs. We have theme parks, aquatic parks, cruises, sport events, hotels, night clubs. What is missing? Walt Disney World offers international level Spa services in order to relax after a long day or to exercise according to the seasonal moment. In these spas there are professionals who will provide you with the best massages, face treatments, exercises, sauna, aromatherapy and all an international spa can offer.

And, finally, those who cannot spend a week without playing golf, Disney World offers 99 professional holes where you can relax and have fun playing and enjoying professional tournaments with your favorite golfer. As you can see, everything has been thought through.

All this makes Walt Disney World the most visited tourist place in the World. Certainly, millions of people cannot be wrong, but you have to find that out all by yourself. This will be a unique experience that will stick to your head and it will turn into a beautiful memory of some magical vacation in the best Walt Disney World’s style.